Let’s Deliver the Future

I met a man in 2009, i sat under him and was blessed by his teachings. I had listened to his teachings in 2006 and prayed to meet him and then came 2010 when Pastor Jerry Eze Invited KING FELA DUROTOYE to umuahia for Real Men;Real blessings program. It was so transformational and impactful. FD is a great man, a Kingdom, Institutional, Nation, Generational Builder. He is one of Africa’s greatest mind activators and Motivational speakers, highly sought after, a consultant extraordinaire, the CEO of Visible Impact. He has achieved great success in nation building projects and the current program is GEMSTONE 2025, a network of transformational leaders that will change Nigeria into the world’s most desirable nation to live in by December 31 2025. You can choose to believe and join the vision or ‘siddon look’ and watch the change happen and overtake you. If you are desperate for a change and you believe in Nigeria, then come on and lets DELIVER THE FUTURE, let’s TRANSFORM NIGERIA. follow on twitter @WeAreGEMSTONE, on Facebook: Gemstone2025. We are a Generation Motivated and Stirred To Operate with Natural Excellence.


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