Life means many things, to many people. However, the beauty of life is embedded in the understanding of purpose and the fulfillment of destiny.

Even without an absolute comprehension of destiny and what it entails, there is this belief and conviction that destiny is real and we all have a part in it. From the north to the south, east and west of every location where life is and people are found, across borders of culture, race, language and religion, there is a unanimous concurrence to the fact that destiny exist and destiny prevails.

Destiny to many people may differ in perspective and understanding. Some may call it fate, nature, providence, co-incidence and so on, but one truth is and remains that there is a fore-knowing and pre-determination of the series of events that make up the life and time of an individual on earth.

Life, just like every journey has a starting point and a destination. A traveler intending to arrive at his destination must go through the appropriate (pre-determined) route, thus making direction on the journey extremely important as it directly determines destination. Direction on your journey can be likened to the series of pre-determined events that happens to and make up the life of an individual and this makes it safe to say here that destiny is pre-determined. To determine simply means to “fix with purpose” or to “have a fixed purpose” which can be translated to mean that the life of an individual has a fixed purpose and also, that a person’s destiny is a series of events that are fixed with purpose.



Moses Amram, a first century writer and leader, in one of his books gave a clear picture of how we got here. He wrote of the creation of the world where we find ourselves today and gives a detailed chronicle of the out-workings of the Creator and His creatures.

There was a beginning- the beginning of time and life on earth and God Almighty created the world. He made the heavens and earth, and everything that can be found in them including you.

Moses tells us in his book that God had pre-determined the creation of man and then  God created man in His own image and blessed man and said to them, Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it and have dominion over the sea, air and land. So man was created to be in charge of the earth, man was designed and destined to be a leader, a ruler, a director, a trailblazer, a manager, a spearhead, and an organizer. His destiny was pre-determined by God Almighty his creator with capacity for fruitfulness, multiplication, replenishment, subduing and dominion.

Several others have tried to give various explanations as to how we got here, but all of them have remained inconsistent and fail to capture in them the essence of life and what destiny entails. However, the authenticity of the stories told by Moses Amram in his various books may not be unconnected with his supernatural encounters which he writes about and then the relevance and consistency of his stories with present day realities.

Looking carefully into the stories of Moses Amram about the Creator and how He created the world, it is vivid that He is omniscient and invincible. The sequence of creation proves to us that there was a plan and design which preceded creation and the result is such an incredible perfection that baffles the minds of philosophers, archeologists, medical practitioners, scientists and virtually everyone who ponders on what life really is and how it came about.

Man is undoubtedly the most important creature according to the creation story as God placed man to be in charge of all other creations, endowing him with His nature and ability to pro-create. With this we see that the destiny of man is not ordinary as his nature and purpose is not without peculiarity. God had a plan and a design for the destiny of man and the assignments he would carry out on earth even before man was made. This wisdom is expressed by experts who begin with a plan, design and evaluation before proper commencement of work on any project.

From the creation story, God is the Creator of Life, the world and all that is in it, He made man and the destiny of man. He determined the purpose of all creatures and designed all things to fit into His plan and purpose. All His works are characterized by order and unequivocal perfection.  God is the Master Designer of all times!


There are several definitions available on the subject of design and I will give one of them as it concerns our focus.

A design is a roadmap or a strategic approach for someone to achieve a unique expectation. It defines the specifications, plans, parameters, costs, activities, processes and how and what to do within legal, political, social, environmental, safety and economic constraints in achieving that objective.

This informs us that there is a roadmap and strategic approach for you to achieve your unique and great destiny and this roadmap defines the specifications, plans, costs, events, and processes to achieving destiny. It also consists of alternative solutions in the case of constraints and eventualities. The purpose of every design is to achieve it’s objective.

Since you have a unique and great destiny, you equally have a unique and great design which says that you’re well planned, specially formed, intentionally created, uniquely shaped and deliberately made to fulfill your purpose, maximize your life and achieve your greatness. You’re designed for destiny!

If you must achieve your greatness, you must understand the uniqueness of your destiny. You must know that there is a design for your life, you must also know that you are not a result of a divine experiment or an outcome of a biological accident. Your life is not a trial and error experience. You are not a mistake!

Jeremiah Hilkiah, also a first century writer and prophet, wrote in his book about one of his supernatural encounters in which God said to him “before I formed you in the womb I knew all about you and before you came forth, I sanctified you and I ordained you to be a prophet to the nations” He was designed and pre-determined before conception in his mother’s womb, to be a prophet. He was born and grew to be a prophet- according to his design. It is so amazing that God knew him before his fetus state, and this is the same for every one… God knew you before you were formed and God knows what you are right now. Despite the situations surrounding your birth, you are not a surprise to God. It doesn’t matter if you were born out of wedlock, inside the lock or beside the lock; God knows you and has a plan for you. If God didn’t want you born, then you were not born. Let me also state here that there are no illegitimate children, only illegitimate parents. Children are gifts from God.

Writing about God’s perfect knowledge about mankind, His Majesty, King David Jesse of Ancient Israel wrote of God, knowing the totality of man- past, present and future.

God’s plan for your life is perfect. Every part of his plan for your destiny is complete. This is the destiny you were born to fulfill and you were designed and equipped with all it takes to live out God’s plans for you.

You were designed to be a solution to a problem just as every manufacturer designs his product to meet a need and solve a problem: Mobile phones meet communication needs, Vehicles solve transportation problems, so God being the Master Designer, designed you as a perfect product to meet a need and solve a problem. Everything God creates is for a specific purpose including you. Haven’t you realized that every part of your body solves a specific problem and meets a need? your eyes meet seeing needs, your hears solve hearing problems, your hands solve reaching problems, your legs meet movement needs, your nose meet smelling needs, your brain meets thinking needs. You were designed to transform the world as God gave you capacity to create change and solutions, to blaze the trail and be a leader.

It is therefore my conviction that God created everyone equal, but with different roles and positions. No one was made empty and inferior: Discover yourself. Occupy your position and Live your purpose.

It is my distinct honor to welcome you to Designed For Destiny. It is more than a book… it’s a profitable experience to all who finds it. Here, you will get deep insights, teaching you to understand your purpose, maximize your life and achieve your greatness. Have a great time!