How much is your EAR-TIME?


A lot of people know about the importance of their Airtime but only few care about their Ear-Time.

However, the value of your Ear-Time is and will always be more than the value of your Airtime.

Your Ear-Time is the amount of time spent on hearing and listening.

So you must be mindful of who and what you pay attention to, because what you keep hearing will give shape, essence and dimension to your beliefs that will eventually determine your results.

If you want to be great, you must deafen yourself to mediocrity and give your Ear-Time to the voices that fuel greatness.

Since Faith comes by hearing, then you must only hear words that breed the wisdom, strength and courage to achieve your greatness.




What are you mastering?


What are you mastering?

Football comes to mind when Messi is mentioned, Music comes to mind when 2Face is mentioned, Ministry comes to mind when Oyedepo is mentioned, Leadership comes to mind when Mandela is mentioned.

Each of these have built a strong personal brand by discovering their strength, mastering their gifts and serving it to their world to create their brand experience and make a lasting impact.

If nothing comes to mind whenever your name is mentioned, then two things have happened:

  1. You’ve not mastered anything
  2. You’ve not made an impact

You must be intentional about your daily life, which gives shape to your brand experience.





Good, Wholesome & Progressive Success



While many people have been made to believe the lie that success is a one-time feat, the truth hasn’t changed.

‘Achieving Success’ connotes progression!

As you celebrate your success in one area of your life, you must realize that there exist other areas that deserve success as well.

Your commitment to succeeding and maintaining your success in every part of your life will make your way prosperous and ensure a life of good, wholesome and progressive success.



What Are You Cultivating?

cultivate-idea-businessman-cultivates-field-36632865What are you Cultivating?

Every big thing we see started as an idea.

The process of cultivation caused the idea to manifest in reality because whatever you cultivate grows. Cultivation is simply the process of giving strength to your ideas and dreams in order to birth greatness.

If your dream must become the next big thing, it will never happen by chance, but by a deliberate and commensurate action of cultivation.

You must be diligent and focused as you cultivate your dreams and ideas together with the habits and characters that will grow them to fruition.

So while you have faith, hope and pray, you must CULTIVATE ruthlessly!







Athlete or Spectator?

Athlete or Spectator?

Every match, race and game is almost incomplete without Spectators. However, the best a spectator can be is just an observer.

It is true that Spectators form a very vital part of the game as they cheer the athletes to victory but at the end, it is the athlete that becomes the winner and is rewarded with prices, accolades and fame.

Spectators never win the game, they only witness the athlete showcase his skills and win.
If you must win life’s race, you can’t afford to be a spectator, you’ve got to be an athlete and a player!

If you must win the race, you’ve got to ENROL, PREPARE, BE DISCIPLINED, BELIEVE, RUN and WIN!




Giant or Grasshopper?

Giant or Grasshopper:

There are two categories of people in this world, the Giants and the Grasshoppers.

The distinguishing factor between them is their MINDSET.

Giants know who they are and believe in themselves, they’re bold, strong, courageous and daring, they like to win.

Grasshoppers lack self awareness and confidence, they hop so low because they see low, think low, speak low and act low, they’re timid, fearful, weak and scrawny, they never think they can win.

Whenever you think you can win and take right steps towards your victory then you’re a GIANT, but if you never think you can win in life and take no step towards your victory then you’re a grasshopper because as a man THINKS in his heart, so is he.


Becoming Relevant

There was a young man who was a captive of the old Babylonian empire, he served the King as a eunuch but distinguished himself from his contemporaries with the Spirit of excellence.

He was endowed with special abilities to solve difficult issues and this gift coupled with an excellent character made him 10X better and gave him relevance in the government.

It was later found that it was the gift, talent and ability given to him by God that made him a unique person and he was appointed by 4 Kings into their cabinet respectively.

There’s something God has put in you to make you relevant in your world.

Everyone will be given a chance for relevance when you Discover your potential, Develop it and Deliver maximally.