Grow or Kill Your Dream

Your vision is the seed and you are the farmer. It is your responsibility to tend,
nurture and enrich your vision.

When a seed is malnourished after planting, it dies naturally. Malnourishment kills the vision just like it kills a physical seed.

A seed planted in a wrong soil and with the wrong atmosphere will consequently die or have deformed growth. This has been a challenge with many visions, many people
conceive great ideas but they fail to realize their vision is a seed and they are the
ones responsible for the growth and fulfillment of their vision.

Every seed has potential in it. Every seed has the capacity to produces a tree, but
when the seed is not handled carefully, it dies. Every vision has the potential and
capacity for enlargement and increase, but when it’s not treated well, it dies as

If you must watch your dream and vision grow to fruition, then you must
become the diligent farmer that will cultivate your seed to fruition.



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