Want to dine with Kings?


It’s amazing to know how most people (especially young people) desire to live the big life and dine with Kings.

While it’s okay to desire such, mere ambition will never suffice.

Today many people desire success without hard work, but only a few understand what it means to apply one’s self steadfastly and consistently to a particular task, to build capacity, learn lessons, acquire experience and gain mastery.

If you desire to stand out from the multitude of mediocrity and achieve your greatness, you must be DILIGENT in whatever you do because when a person is found to be diligent in his business, he qualifies to stand before Kings and even dine with them.

To maximize your life and become resourceful in your world, you must apply this irrefutable law of achievement:

“whatever your hands find to do, do it with excellence, diligence and enthusiasm” and you will create your way to the top!




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