The Wrong Bus!!!


On one of my recent trips to the city of Umuahia for a business meeting, I got to a  motor park in Port Harcourt and boarded a bus headed for Umuahia.

After a few minutes, the bus got filled up and ready to move when they realized that one passenger who had paid for this particular vehicle had no seat for herself.

Upon Inquisition, it became obvious that someone had displaced her. Everyone was asked to quickly surrender their boarding tickets for a check when one man  seated in the bus shouted “I’m going to Onitsha, I thought this bus is for Onitsha…” he quickly alighted from the bus and let the stranded passenger take her place.

Then it dawned on me that many people in life have displaced others and boarded the wrong bus headed for a destination that’s not theirs because they just assumed they were on the right track, and that’s a very costly assumption to make.

Many have ended up at wrong destinations while others are headed for same for various reasons.

While there’s still hope, it’s time to check if all those traveling along with you are headed for your destination. If not so, it’s time to safely alight from that wrong bus and find the Right bus with the Right company, headed for the Right destination.




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