Disciplined Steps

f2048d671d56947ca22705f04aa02ae5_discipline-750-368-cOne secret that has helped every person of great accomplishment gain mastery with consistency in character is discipline.

Discipline is simply self imposed standards, for the sake of a higher goal.

Self discipline sets winners apart from the rest and it is a culture of greatness.

Discipline makes you do what’s right and not just what you like.

A life without discipline is like a car without brakes, lacking control and limits, and headed for destruction.

Discipline is required from the beginning to the end of every race, if you desire to win.

Discipline understands purpose, says yes only to what’s expedient and sticks to the core.

And as we wind up this year and step into the next, your relevance will be sustained by discipline.

You must build a regimen of things you must do every day that  will lead to the actualization of your goals and dreams and never quit until you achieve greatness.

If you must achieve whatever you desire, self discipline is inevitable!




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