How to make 2017 Your BEST YEAR


Planning and preparation has a lot to do with the results we produce. So if you want to achieve something, set goals, if you desire great results, plan and prepare for it, if you don’t desire anything, just do nothing.

2016 has been a great year full of great lessons and results and like John Maxwell says, “Sometimes we win and sometimes we learn”, but truth is that your ability to win depends on how much you’ve learnt to win.

To take advantage of 2017, I present to you 20 simple but powerful steps guaranteed to make 2017 your best year.

  1. HAVE FAITH IN GOD: This is one sure way to win in life. Faith in God can move mountains and provoke the miraculous. You must trust God for the best in 2017, increase your spiritual capacity, live and walk by faith.
  2. UNDERSTAND AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: Everyone was created with a unique and great destiny. In 2017 self discovery, understanding of purpose and mastering your gifts will increase your self-worth and set you up for good success. You must believe in your greatness.
  3. CHOOSE TO SUCCEED: If 2017 must be your best year, you must be determined to make it happen. Desire success, envision it, plan and work towards it. You must be deliberate about your choices in 2017.
  4. CHOOSE TO WALK IN LOVE: In 2017, you must ensure that all you do is motivated by love because love is the greatest and love conquers all.
  5. PLAN FOR SUCCESS: To make 2017 your best year, you must know clearly what things you need to achieve, set specific goals, plan and strategize. Don’t ‘plan in your head’, write down your goals and read them regularly, work them out and succeed.
  6. INVEST IN YOURSELF: The most important thing going on in your life right now is you! Invest in becoming a better version of you, in 2017 invest in moving upward and forward only in all areas of your life.
  7. GET INFORMED: In 2017, you have the responsibility to read, read and read. Arm yourself with every knowledge needed to optimize the blessings of the New Year to your advantage.
  8. GET A COACH: If you want to improve your life, avoid certain mistakes and be the best in your field in 2017, you need to have a coach- a trusted authority that can instruct and empower you to succeed.
  9. MAXIMIZE YOUR PERSONAL ECONOMY: In 2017, you must not compromise your financial fitness for any reason. Learn a skill, invest in a business- understand the value chain of the industry, invest in agriculture like never before.
  10. YOU MUST BE DISCIPLINED: In 2017 you must know what’s expedient and stick to the core, be disciplined to stay focused on your vision and speak positively, value time and optimize it and crush the monster called procrastination.
  11. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE: You must not consume your entire harvest in 2017, you must learn to save and reserve your seed for more harvest. Re-invest your savings and multiply your investments.
  12. MAXIMIZE THE INTERNET: Leverage on positive networks on social media and other platforms that enhance forward collaborations and give access to empowering information. In 2017, you can sell your skills, ideas and services online.
  13. FOCUS ON THE FUTURE: While you learn from the past, you must focus on the future. Focus on birthing your dreams and ideas and never break your focus.
  14. SERVE YOUR GIFT TO THE WORLD: Everyone truly came naked and loaded. In 2017, bless humanity with your amazing gifts and talents and let the influence of your destiny emerge.
  15. MAXIMIZE POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS: 2017 is the year to discard all unproductive networks, walk with the wise and connect with those who add to you and multiply what you already have.
  16. BE BENEVOLENT: In 2017, let the world see your fruits of kindness, compassion, humility and charity. Care and show that you care through your words, thoughts and deeds.
  17. TEACH OTHERS TO SUCCEED: In 2017, you must become a ladder that lifts other people to their greatness, teach others how to succeed just like you and teach them to bless humanity with their gifts.
  18. BE A NATION BUILDER: In 2017, you must determine to add value to your nation. Build and not destroy, don’t just comment or complain, but contribute your quota to build your nation.
  19. INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH AND PHYSICAL FITNESS: If you must prosper in 2017, you need to be in good health. Eat right, exercise regularly and have routine medical checks.
  20. TAKE ACTION AND EXECUTE: Just as faith without works is dead, you must apply yourself diligently to these steps with commensurate efforts backed up by faith to achieve good success in 2017.

*Feel free to share and let me know your thoughts,  if you need a coach to work with in 2017, please leave a comment in the box below, to contact me click on the contact me tab on the menu above.


6 thoughts on “How to make 2017 Your BEST YEAR

  1. chisquare

    educative post somski. please i need more tutoring on maximizing the internet & maximizing positive relationships. Thanks

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