gratitude-vidya-sury-0-001Compliments of the season!

I’m super excited to see the last Monday of the last week of the last month in this year and I guess you are too.

On this day Monday the 26th of December 2016, it would be perfect, to reflect on how your year has been and be grateful for everything.

No doubt 2016 has been a unique year and we must learn to always count our blessings and show forth gratitude to our Maker.

If you’ve had a free supply of oxygen all through this year, then you have a reason to express gratitude for the gift of life, regardless of what expectations came through and what did not.

For me, I’m grateful for Life more abundantly and for a wonderful family, I’m grateful for wisdom, grace, provision and protection, for opportunities in 2016, for the privilege to have great friends, mentors and protégés, for the ability to learn and increase my capacity, for good health and sound mind, for everything I achieved and the ones am yet to achieve and I’m also grateful for 2017- A beautiful year full of blessings on every side.

Join me to show gratitude, by commenting in the box below about what things you are indeed grateful for in 2016 as we get set to step into the new year.



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