If You want to THRIVE, this is for you!

thrive-1A few weeks ago, I visited a fish farm owned by a dear friend and I spent a lot of time observing various processes.

Then it was time to harvest the fish. As they were caught with the fishing basket and placed on the ground, I could observe  a continuous struggle among them.

They struggled for life, they struggled to move and they struggled to be.

Then it dawned on me that the simple reason for their struggle was because they were out of their STRENGTH ZONE- the water.

When a fish is out of water, it will struggle to be, when a plant is out of the soil, it will struggle to survive and so it is when ever you are out of your STRENGTH ZONE, there will be continuous and obvious struggle for survival.

If you must thrive, blossom and flourish in this season, you must find your STRENGTH ZONE and grow in it.

It’s okay to leave your comfort zone, but never leave your STRENGTH ZONE because that’s where your weakness becomes insignificant.

Discover yourself, Occupy your Position and live your purpose.

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about to CRASH?


Very recently, I attended an international conference and was hosted together with my big brother by this lovely couple at their home which is relatively close to the international conference center.

On the day we were set to depart, I observed an engineer with certain tools around their generator trying to figure out why the plant produced a funny sound before turning off by itself.

Soonest, it was discovered that the engine of the plant was just about to knock, because the wrong fuel was used to run it… pheeew!

FALSEHOOD was introduced to the system and it was set to crash, (that’s exactly what happens whenever falsehood is introduced to a system).

So what is the TRUTH?

It’s the disposition of the Creator on any matter over the creation and the disposition of the Manufacturer on any matter over the product.

Anything other than the Creator’s disposition concerning the creature, no matter how factual or logical it seems is falsehood.

If the Manufacturer has designed the engine to function with a particular fuel, that’s the truth of that system, introduction of any alternative is falsehood and it with in a matter of time crash the system.

Many systems will obviously crash simply because falsehood is being introduced, just like the wrong fuel used to run the plant. If any system must work efficiently, it must be according to the TRUTH (manufacturer’s specification) of that system.

If you must thrive in this season, you must ensure you discover and establish the truth of your existence and walk in it because falsehood crumples capacity.

If falsehood has been introduced in any system, here’s the way out: quickly find where actions and intentions run contrary to purpose, purify the intentions and correct the actions and you are set to blossom.

Its time to walk in the TRUTH of your existence!

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Will you make these MISTAKES???


As we continue to sail through the days and weeks of 2017, it must done with caution in order to avert mistakes.

A mistake is an incorrect, unwise and unfortunate act and this should be averted as much as it lies in you.

So today I’ll show you a few mistakes to avoid by all means, making a difference and achieving good success this year. Here they are:



*Being Distracted

*Focusing on the past


*Wasting resources-time, energy and money


*Making Excuses

*Having the wrong company

*Being at the wrong location

*Being Slothful

*Being haphazard

*Being pessimistic


These and many more are mistakes and good news is that they can be averted and your life can be maximized to do the right things and get right results.

The choice is yours to make mistakes and be set back or avert them and forge ahead.



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Life is a race and we are athletes in this race.

Like I’ve always said, every athlete has an assigned lane and what happens on your lane between the start and the finish will determine your success in the race or not.

Your lane is the most important place to be in the race, because if you run ahead of other athletes and you break your ranks to step into another lane, you have failed!

So finding your lane is crucial as well as maximizing it.

In order to maximize your lane in the 2017 race, you need to

  1. Understand WHY you are running the race in the first place.
  2. FOCUS on your strength and build momentum as you run
  3. Find the right TEAM to run with.
  4. Get a COACH to instruct you rightly and hold you accountable
  5. Find your target NICHE and commit to serving them with value
  6. Commit to LEARNING and GROWING as you run on your lane this year.
  7. Determine to FINISH strong because that’s the aim of every visionary athlete.



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The Race is on


I’m so excited about 2017 because I know it’s an amazing year, full of blessings, opportunities and possibilities.

In the midst of the excitement and celebration, you must also realize that the race has started in earnest.

And like every race, there’s a starting point as well as a finish line.

Going from start to finish is where the real race takes place- on your lane.

Every athlete has an assigned lane and your performance on your lane will determine your success or failure in the race.

Every athlete anticipating success prepares adequately and runs diligently, you must therefore be focused, persistent, skillful,  disciplined and daring to start, run and achieve good success in 2017 and beyond.

This is no more time for stories, playing or sleeping, it’s time to work, create value, crush your goals and bring your dreams to fruition.

Every step counts, therefore it’s your responsibility to optimize every moment you have to produce great results and achieve your greatness in 2017.

Happy new year to you!