Life is a race and we are athletes in this race.

Like I’ve always said, every athlete has an assigned lane and what happens on your lane between the start and the finish will determine your success in the race or not.

Your lane is the most important place to be in the race, because if you run ahead of other athletes and you break your ranks to step into another lane, you have failed!

So finding your lane is crucial as well as maximizing it.

In order to maximize your lane in the 2017 race, you need to

  1. Understand WHY you are running the race in the first place.
  2. FOCUS on your strength and build momentum as you run
  3. Find the right TEAM to run with.
  4. Get a COACH to instruct you rightly and hold you accountable
  5. Find your target NICHE and commit to serving them with value
  6. Commit to LEARNING and GROWING as you run on your lane this year.
  7. Determine to FINISH strong because that’s the aim of every visionary athlete.



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