If You want to THRIVE, this is for you!

thrive-1A few weeks ago, I visited a fish farm owned by a dear friend and I spent a lot of time observing various processes.

Then it was time to harvest the fish. As they were caught with the fishing basket and placed on the ground, I could observe  a continuous struggle among them.

They struggled for life, they struggled to move and they struggled to be.

Then it dawned on me that the simple reason for their struggle was because they were out of their STRENGTH ZONE- the water.

When a fish is out of water, it will struggle to be, when a plant is out of the soil, it will struggle to survive and so it is when ever you are out of your STRENGTH ZONE, there will be continuous and obvious struggle for survival.

If you must thrive, blossom and flourish in this season, you must find your STRENGTH ZONE and grow in it.

It’s okay to leave your comfort zone, but never leave your STRENGTH ZONE because that’s where your weakness becomes insignificant.

Discover yourself, Occupy your Position and live your purpose.

Feel free to share.


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