What if Recession never ends?


In my dear country Nigeria, the word recession has become so familiar, that even a nursery school kid can say a thing or two about it, but the truth is that recession is a global phenomenon.

However, in the midst of recession and all other forms of crisis, golden opportunities exist for only serious minded people who are prepared to recognize and maximize them.

In the midst of the crisis, many would be Blaming, Complaining, Criticizing and Giving Excuses and end up at the same level they were before the crisis.

Great minds on the other hand, will busy themselves with the task of Learning, Value Creation, Collaboration, Opportunity search or Creation, Effectively Maximizing opportunities, Leading their lives Forward and Making 360° Profit.

You have the power to choose your side of the divide, because time will soon reveal where you truly belong and show the difference between the Slothful and the Diligent.

Tough times never last, but tough people do!

It’s up to you.

Choose to chase your greatness, recession or no recession.

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5 Reasons you may not achieve anything this year!


For me and maybe a few others, it’s really amazing that by this time of the year, some people still feel like they have all the time in the world to live, work and reach their greatness.

Action speaks louder than thoughts and even words, and it is same action that will determine your results and distinguish you from the rest.

If you really feel like you’ve got all the time you need then I’m pretty sure that you will not achieve anything, but watch this year pass as you’ve done other years and here’s why:

  1. You have no Dream
  2. You lack Faith
  3. You don’t Speak positively
  4. You don’t have Goals/Plans/Strategy
  5. You’re too lazy to take Action.

When these elements are missing, you will seldom achieve anything  meaningful and you remain irrelevant.

There are always 3 classes of people you will find in any society

  1. Those who make news
  2. Those who watch them make news
  3. Those who negate and criticize the news makers

Which class will you rather belong to? The choice is yours!

*See *Believe* Profess* Plan *Act *SUCCEED!

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The Sound of LOVE

gratitude-900Its about that time of the year when the four-letter magic word LOVE trends all over the world.

While a few people understand what it truly means, many others remain ignorant and this is evident by their words, thoughts and actions especially on widely acclaimed “lovers day”.

So I want to share some of my findings about LOVE with you, so you can learn a thing or two:

Love is not envious, Love is not boastful and proud, Love is not rude.

Love is not selfish, Love is not easily angered, Love is not destructive.

Love is not just an emotion, Love is not sex, Love is not the urge to mingle.

Love is not a hormonal response to the lust of the eyes, Love is not a crush.

But Love is Patient,

Love is kind,

Love is humble and gentle.

Love is easily entreated,

Love is loyal,

Love is secure,

Love is sacrifice.

Perfect Love, is to Love the Lord God with your heart, soul and might and Love your neighbor as yourself.

Love conquers all!

God is Love!




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And so recently, it was reunion galore for friends that have become family and for a few days, we spent time to be together, basking in the euphoria of love which has become our bond, share, pray, reach out to many and celebrate our years of togetherness.

After all said and done, it was departure time and after a long photo shoot session, our guys and ladies started leaving and this was really one moment nobody wanted, but it had to come.

Next, it was our turn to leave. I was traveling in company of 3 lovely people and as we set out to commence our approximately 2hours journey, we had a need- we were hungry!

So we quickly drove into the city mall and walked into the food court and got ourselves some good meal from one of the vendors.

Guess what? The meal was not for free, we had to pay for it, simply because it was the solution to our need at the moment and was well packaged in a nice environment.

Then i said to myself, if only we can really position ourselves to recognize the needs in our environment and provide excellent and well packaged solutions, then we have created value and once this happens, people will be willing to part with their money to get the solution that meet their needs.

This is one sure way to profit from your gift, skill, passion and strength.

Find a need to meet and a problem to solve with your gift, skill, passion and strength, package it excellently, serve it to those who need it offline and online and they’ll pay you for maximizing what you’ve got.

Refuse to be underutilized, choose to maximize your life and profit from your strength.

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