And so recently, it was reunion galore for friends that have become family and for a few days, we spent time to be together, basking in the euphoria of love which has become our bond, share, pray, reach out to many and celebrate our years of togetherness.

After all said and done, it was departure time and after a long photo shoot session, our guys and ladies started leaving and this was really one moment nobody wanted, but it had to come.

Next, it was our turn to leave. I was traveling in company of 3 lovely people and as we set out to commence our approximately 2hours journey, we had a need- we were hungry!

So we quickly drove into the city mall and walked into the food court and got ourselves some good meal from one of the vendors.

Guess what? The meal was not for free, we had to pay for it, simply because it was the solution to our need at the moment and was well packaged in a nice environment.

Then i said to myself, if only we can really position ourselves to recognize the needs in our environment and provide excellent and well packaged solutions, then we have created value and once this happens, people will be willing to part with their money to get the solution that meet their needs.

This is one sure way to profit from your gift, skill, passion and strength.

Find a need to meet and a problem to solve with your gift, skill, passion and strength, package it excellently, serve it to those who need it offline and online and they’ll pay you for maximizing what you’ve got.

Refuse to be underutilized, choose to maximize your life and profit from your strength.

Feel free to share.


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