The Sound of LOVE

gratitude-900Its about that time of the year when the four-letter magic word LOVE trends all over the world.

While a few people understand what it truly means, many others remain ignorant and this is evident by their words, thoughts and actions especially on widely acclaimed “lovers day”.

So I want to share some of my findings about LOVE with you, so you can learn a thing or two:

Love is not envious, Love is not boastful and proud, Love is not rude.

Love is not selfish, Love is not easily angered, Love is not destructive.

Love is not just an emotion, Love is not sex, Love is not the urge to mingle.

Love is not a hormonal response to the lust of the eyes, Love is not a crush.

But Love is Patient,

Love is kind,

Love is humble and gentle.

Love is easily entreated,

Love is loyal,

Love is secure,

Love is sacrifice.

Perfect Love, is to Love the Lord God with your heart, soul and might and Love your neighbor as yourself.

Love conquers all!

God is Love!




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