5 Reasons you may not achieve anything this year!


For me and maybe a few others, it’s really amazing that by this time of the year, some people still feel like they have all the time in the world to live, work and reach their greatness.

Action speaks louder than thoughts and even words, and it is same action that will determine your results and distinguish you from the rest.

If you really feel like you’ve got all the time you need then I’m pretty sure that you will not achieve anything, but watch this year pass as you’ve done other years and here’s why:

  1. You have no Dream
  2. You lack Faith
  3. You don’t Speak positively
  4. You don’t have Goals/Plans/Strategy
  5. You’re too lazy to take Action.

When these elements are missing, you will seldom achieve anything  meaningful and you remain irrelevant.

There are always 3 classes of people you will find in any society

  1. Those who make news
  2. Those who watch them make news
  3. Those who negate and criticize the news makers

Which class will you rather belong to? The choice is yours!

*See *Believe* Profess* Plan *Act *SUCCEED!

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