What if Recession never ends?


In my dear country Nigeria, the word recession has become so familiar, that even a nursery school kid can say a thing or two about it, but the truth is that recession is a global phenomenon.

However, in the midst of recession and all other forms of crisis, golden opportunities exist for only serious minded people who are prepared to recognize and maximize them.

In the midst of the crisis, many would be Blaming, Complaining, Criticizing and Giving Excuses and end up at the same level they were before the crisis.

Great minds on the other hand, will busy themselves with the task of Learning, Value Creation, Collaboration, Opportunity search or Creation, Effectively Maximizing opportunities, Leading their lives Forward and Making 360° Profit.

You have the power to choose your side of the divide, because time will soon reveal where you truly belong and show the difference between the Slothful and the Diligent.

Tough times never last, but tough people do!

It’s up to you.

Choose to chase your greatness, recession or no recession.

Feel free to share.


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