Finding Your “US”


One of the most valuable assets a person can ever have is relationship.

When you have one or two or more persons that believe in you, your dreams and ideas and they are committed to working the dream, then you’ve found your “US”.

When Nimrod had a dream to build a city with a tower to reach heaven, he gathered his “US” (his team) and they mustered so much energy, working in unity that God said nothing can retrain them from achieving their imagination and what they have set out to do! That’s how powerful teamwork can be.

Two reasons you have been struggling to birth your dream into reality is:

  1. You’re trying to do it alone.
  2. You’ve not found the right people (your US).

Collaboration can birth some of the highest forms of possibilities, as long as you have the right team.

There are also two irrefutable truths you must never forget:

  1. One, is too small a number to achieve greatness.
  2. If the closest people around you don’t believe in your dream and idea, they’re about to kill you.

When you have the right people, working with the right heart, to achieve the right purpose, then all things are possible!

The choice is yours to find your “US”, work the dream and achieve your greatness.

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