Profound Life, Leadership & Business Lessons from the Tower of Babel


Nimrod was a mighty and prosperous man who lived many years ago and had an idea, to build a mega city with a skyscraper that would reach to heaven.

He shared his dream with his people and soon, they organized themselves and mobilized resources for the construction of this mega city, primarily to settle there and make a name for themselves.

Nimrod and his mega idea can be likened to the famous ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Al-Maktoum, and his mega idea of transforming Dubai by implementing nearly-impossible ideas.

Looking through the story of the tower of Babel, I discovered certain profound lessons from their successes and failures worth sharing:


  1. VISION: They had a dream/vision
  2. LEADERSHIP: They believed in their leadership and in the dream
  3. GOAL: They were united with a common goal
  4. MUTUAL AGREEMENT: They had a common language and a possibility mindset
  5. PLANNING: They understood their needs and had a workable plan of action
  6. TEAMWORK: They valued and practiced effective teamwork
  7. FOCUS & ACTION: They took actionable steps and focused on their plan of execution


  1. PURPOSE: They misaligned themselves from divine purpose
  2. COMFORT: They let their state of comfort impede their sense of progress
  3. PRIDE: They let their quest for fame to breed self-centeredness and this led to their failure.

Now, we can learn from their successes, note and avoid their errors and build the capacity needed to bring our dreams to fruition.

Feel free to share..

reference: Genesis 10:9-10, 11:1-9


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