UNLEASH Your Talent


A certain master endowed his servants with talents and took a journey. These talents are symbolic of the great treasure, gifts, strength and ability placed within us by our Creator.

After a while the master returned and it was time to receive their accounts of stewardship. The first servant maximized his talent and multiplied his wealth, the second servant did likewise and they were duly commended, but the third servant had a different story to tell.

He was scared to maximize his talent because he never understood the potential of his talent and consequently buried it.

The master asked him “why did you leave your talent dormant and untapped?” He called him lazy, wicked and unprofitable for refusing to maximize his talent.

For many people who are like this fellow, you must realize that:

  1. Everyone came loaded with (at least) a Gift/Strength/Talent.
  2. Every Gift/Strength/Talent is God-given.
  3. Every Gift/Strength/Talent is given to make you productive, make you a Blessing and make you profit.
  4. Every Gift/Strength/Talent has the potential to Multiply.
  5. It’s an act of wickedness and slothfulness, to choose NOT to maximize your Gift/Strength/Talent and profit from it.

It’s your responsibility to UNLEASH your talent and choose to bless humanity!

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