GREATNESS is NOT for the fainthearted


Very recently, I read a story about the procedures of final selection of soldiers to battle in the army of ancient Israel and the high point for me was when the commanding officer makes an open announcement:


Once this is done, certain adjustments and selections are made, the troop is dispatched and led to the conquest.

It quickly dawned on me that GREATNESS IS NOT FOR THE FAINTHEARTED!!!

That’s why the commanding officer ensures he gets rid of mediocre and cowards who easily give up and turn their backs in battle from his troop.

Indeed the battles of life are not for the weak and easy-to-give-up kind of people, but for the brave and the strong hearted.

If you must conquer, you must confront, if you must win, you must stand strong and not back out. You must realize that Victory, Success and Greatness is NEVER for the Fainthearted.

You must possess the it’s-not-over-until-u-win attitude.

You must be Strong, Courageous and focused.

Will You Evolve or Regress?


Irrelevance has always been and will always be the final destination of a person, thing or place that lacks continuous improvement.

This is why products are rebranded and even places are facelifted in the process of time.

Manufacturers always develop new and improved models and versions of their products, to meet the trend and ensure effective competition in the market.

If you are a product and the world around you is your market, what are you offering them and how relevant are you in today’s market?

If you must remain relevant to your world, both now and in the future, you MUST constantly improve by transforming yourself.

Let your good be better and your better best.

It’s your responsibility to constantly evolve into a better you.

If you’re not UPDATED, you’ll certainly be OUTDATED, and so will you EVOLVE or REGRESS?

The choice is yours!

#Transform #Evolve #Update #Improve #BeRelevant

Wisdom from the ANTS

time-to-change-tennessee-s-mental-health-laws-an-ode-to-ants-adhd-wfzMi8-clipartOne of the wisest men to ever tread this earth is the explicitly intelligent and wealthy Jewish King named Solomon.

His wisdom, cutting across almost all facets of life can be found in some of his literary works.

After a careful study of the ants, be wrote in one of his books:

“take a lesson from the ANTS, learn their ways and become wise! Though they have no Prince or governor or ruler to make them work, they work hard all summer gathering food for winter, but you lazybones, how long will you sleep? When will you wake up? A little extra sleep, a little more slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest- then will poverty pounce on you like a bandit; scarcity will attack you like an armed robber.”

Four (4) wisdom-lessons from the ants in this story are:

  1. A- Attitude of Initiative
  2. N- Nature of Integrity
  3. T- Thirst for Industry
  4. S- Source of Insight

Ants are entrepreneurial in nature, and through personal leadership, they maximize their lives and take action to create solutions that ensure abundance, because poverty and scarcity will always take advantage of those who love to rest, sleep and relax when it’s time to work.


Fly With Eagles!

Bald Eagle in mid-air flight over Homer Spit Kenai Peninsula Alaska WinterGoing through the process of the first quarter of this year, there has been a lot to learn, to do and to be grateful for.

Among the things I am so grateful for are my networks and associations.

I’m privileged to have great friends!

During the weekend, I travelled in the company of one of my friends and big brother from Port Harcourt to Yenagoa in Bayelsa state and from there we journeyed to Owerri in Imo state, where I spent the larger part of Saturday night with two other friends in that city before returning to Port Harcourt on Sunday.

At the end of my time out with my friends, I was refreshed, challenged and encouraged as we shared ideas on various issues bordering on almost all areas of life.

Indeed like Dr. John Maxwell will say, true friends:

  1. Are deeply committed
  2. Speak the truth always
  3. Refresh each other
  4. Sharpen each other

In this new season, you must be mindful of your friends because the company you keep will always determine your pace in life.

If you want to soar, don’t company with chickens or pigeons, fly with eagles!

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