Of Value and Relevance… My experience..

'Worth' highlighted, under 'Value'After signing some transaction papers to seal a deal in one of my meetings during the course of the immediate past week, I headed out of the meeting venue and picked a cab to get me to my next destination.

As I sat back and enjoyed the ride, feeding my eyes with all I could see both left and right ways, I soon realized that we were approaching my destination.

I quickly reached into my pocket and brought out a few notes, which included a 500 naira bill that would be a part of my cab fare.

Taking a closer look at that particular bill, I discovered it was a counterfeit note.

As I payed my fare with another note and alighted from the cab, It dawned on me that I couldn’t spend the first note anymore because it was useless!

It had lost all It’s value and relevance.

Now, this explains why many people and things quickly lose value and relevance in life.

If you must remain a person of value and relevance, you must be GENUINE and ORIGINAL, because counterfeits are always short-lived.


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