Garden or Bush?


As I travelled from Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State to Port Harcourt, Rivers State on Saturday, I began to admire the green vegetation on both sides of a section, on the east-west road and I realized how blessed we are with arable and fertile land.

As I continued to admire, my imagination quickly opened up to the great potential of the vast expanse of land that has been overgrown with weeds and I thought: if the potential of the land is realized and duly maximized, productivity and fruitfulness will be the result.

As we drove past and I kept gazing, I also realized that difference between a bush and a garden is Order.

While a garden is neatly cultivated and arranged, a bush is without order and since there’s the lack of cultivation, anything grows on it.

As you choose to maximize your life, you must be intentional about cultivating the field of your mind and ensure that your mind is a garden, characterized by order and beauty.

Your life will exude it’s beauty only when your mind is a garden and not a bush.



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