One of the most amazing and fascinating games that heats up the sports world is football.

Now, I’m not a crazy fan as some are but I love the game.

Every follower of this game understands that there are two halves, with 45 minutes allotted to each, bringing the total play time to 90 minutes.

We can look at the 12 months of every year as the 90 minutes of the game and we can easily split the year into two halves, each having 6 months.

In football, the second half is preceded by a short break after the first half and is most times seen as the time for the real game, as this half determines a lot about the entire game.

Every good coach will re-plan and re-strategize with his players after a careful study of the first half and where necessary during the second half, they change their formation and make substitutions that can result in an ultimate game change in their favour, enabling them to score their winning goals and emerge as champions.

In this second half of this year, you too can take advantage of this secret, look at what has worked and not worked during the first half, re-strategize, change your formation and make necessary substitutions, refuel, recharge and  re-launch yourself to achieve your goals in this second half of this year and change the game of this year in your favour.


What kind of seed are you sowing?


One of the laws the perpetually govern the earth is the law of seed time and harvest (or sowing and reaping as many call it).

This law was perpetuated by the Creator- God Almighty and as long as the earth remains, “seed time and harvest will never cease”.

Like we all know, “whatever a man sows, that’s what he reaps” that’s why you can’t plant beans and harvest maize and you can’t plant orange seed and reap cocoyam because to a very large extent, the seed always determines the harvest.

In life, our thoughts, words and actions are seeds and their consequences are the harvest.

Anyone who expects a quality harvest must be diligent enough to sow a quality seed, so I ask you:

What kind of seed are you sowing?

If you want a harvest of success, you must plant the seed of diligence, excellence and enthusiasm.

We must therefore be critical about our seed today because it will certainly bring about our harvest tomorrow.


The Power of Creative Collaboration


Everyone on the pathway to success must know this profound truth:

“One is too small a number to achieve greatness”

This is why a tree can never make a forest and nothing can ever be fruitful by itself.

Humans are created with the ability to relate, network and collaborate with each other because no man is complete by himself.

As long as the earth remains, we would always need each other:

White needs black, sun needs moon, day needs night, man needs woman and so on because Together Everyone Achieves More.

If our systems (personal, organizational, governmental and societal) must be efficient enough, we must have capacity for creative collaboration and effective networking, for in it we will find strength in our purpose and foster our creative possibilities, in order to withstand any opposing force that tends to undermine our collective goal of existence, creativity and fulfillment.

Let’s live together!

Let’s build together!!

Let’s win together!!!

How to achieve Personal Transformation

metamorphosisOne of the secrets of personal success is the principle of personal transformation and growth.

Personal transformation produces maturity and induces success at various stages.

The word “transform” means to change form or move from one form to another and this is what growth is about.

The butterfly transforms itself from the egg form to larva form, to pupa form and then it moves to become the butterfly.

In order to get yourself from where you are to where you need to be, you need to transform.

Two keys to personal transformation are:

  1. Acquisition of knowledge.
  2. Application of knowledge.

Acquisition of knowledge produces capacity and Application of knowledge produces experience, both of which enables metamorphosis towards good success.