One of the most amazing and fascinating games that heats up the sports world is football.

Now, I’m not a crazy fan as some are but I love the game.

Every follower of this game understands that there are two halves, with 45 minutes allotted to each, bringing the total play time to 90 minutes.

We can look at the 12 months of every year as the 90 minutes of the game and we can easily split the year into two halves, each having 6 months.

In football, the second half is preceded by a short break after the first half and is most times seen as the time for the real game, as this half determines a lot about the entire game.

Every good coach will re-plan and re-strategize with his players after a careful study of the first half and where necessary during the second half, they change their formation and make substitutions that can result in an ultimate game change in their favour, enabling them to score their winning goals and emerge as champions.

In this second half of this year, you too can take advantage of this secret, look at what has worked and not worked during the first half, re-strategize, change your formation and make necessary substitutions, refuel, recharge and  re-launch yourself to achieve your goals in this second half of this year and change the game of this year in your favour.



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