How to get people attracted to you

18497669-Crowd-of-young-people-running-Sport-illustration--Stock-Vector-silhouetteSo I was on my way to attend one of the most amazing trainings I’ve ever had, and as walked down my street and prepared my mind for the training, I observed that there was this gathering of close to 12 people or more, at one corner and this was about 8am on Saturday morning.

This made me take a closer look in their direction to be sure what it was they had gathered for and then I realized that they had come to buy a popular Nigerian meal- Bean cake (Akara) from this woman who prepares it at that spot every morning.

As I kept observing their faces, I could see them standing and waiting expectantly, with their gaze fixed at the frying pan filled with boiling oil, sitting on top of the firewood burner which was used to prepare this meal and then it quickly struck me that these people would make the sacrifice of standing and waiting patiently in their discomfort just to buy Akara from this particular woman because of one thing- Value!

The value they were getting in exchange for their money was worth the discomfort and many of them always bought from her because the value was retained.

Now, if you want to get people attracted to you (your product or service), you need to do these two things:

  1. Make Yourself (your product and service) Valuable.
  2. Consistently Deliver Value.

And you will attract the people who are willing to pay, just to have a piece of you, your product and service.



2 thoughts on “How to get people attracted to you

  1. Big Brother

    1. How do i make myself valuable?
    2. How do i handle a situation where i became valuable in a certain area of less interest (hobby) to me which i provided help for free but at a point this guy who provides same value for pay out-shines me because it is his vocation?

    1. 1. You make yourself valuable when you discover yourself and apply your Gifts, Experiences, Expertise and Knowledge to serve humanity, meet needs and solve problems.

      2. Well, i think you need to move from the point of less-interest to a point of full or more interest.

      Wherever your focus is, your energy goes there. You cannot be passionate about an area of les-interest and as such you won’t achieve full productivity until there’s a change.
      I strongly believe that becoming valuable is very good but consistently delivering value will sustain those attracted to you.

      Thank you so much big brother.

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