Value & Personal Leadership (a lesson from the pear tree)

SafoutierSo I sat out with one of my protégés and I shared with him a few lessons I have learnt in my journey, one of them was on Value and Personal Leadership.

As I shared with him on why leaders must first become valuable and lead themselves before leading others, I used the African pear tree to illustrate my point.

It is the season of the African pear in Nigeria and a blend of the pear fruit with maize (boiled or roasted) can make you feel like you’re eating a special kind of chocolate.

Then I asked what attracts him to the pear tree and he quickly answered: The fruit!

I also asked him, does the tree remain attractive when it’s out of season, and he said: No!

Then I said to him “People are attracted to you when you become valuable and People stay with you when you consistently deliver value”

We must realize that it is the value in the pear fruit that makes the tree attractive.

In a few months time it will be out of season and consequently will lose its attractiveness.

And so if you must lead and remain relevant as a leader, you must be valuable and consistently deliver value!




8 thoughts on “Value & Personal Leadership (a lesson from the pear tree)

  1. Thanks for this! It’s true. Building a business is stepping into a leadership role. If you want to succeed, you must consistently deliver the value day after day and week after week. It’s not enough to give just what’s expected. We must go above and beyond.

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