How to achieve more before the year ends!


As the year gradually winds up, we begin to face the realities of the things we’ve achieved and the things we are yet to achieve.
While we must be grateful for the things we have achieved so far in this year, regardless of how large or meagre they seem to be, we must also realize that we can achieve more because it is not over until it is over.

Here are 8 power steps to multiply your achievements before the year ends:
1. Refuse to give up: Many people quickly accept defeat and give up before the game is over. The year hasn’t ended yet, this should fuel hope and dexterity for greater achievements.

2. Get back to the drawing board: Always learn to review your goals, plans and strategies. If plan A doesn’t work, try a plan B or not even C, until you get your winning plan.

3. Get your focus right: Most times, we get carried away with things that are not priority and we lose focus. To achieve more before the year ends, you must re-focus and get your focus right.

4. Pray & Meditate: Many people fail to realize the power of the supernatural in fostering achievements. Through faith in God, you can maximize the power of prayer and meditation to gain superior ideas and strategies for greater achievements.

5. Talk to your coach: One secret of every winning athlete is his/her coach. Your coach can help you scale up your achievements before the year ends. They can take you from where you presently are, to where you want to be in the shortest possible time.

6. Read and research: The knowledge you need to scale up your achievements before the year ends may be hidden in a little piece of literature. You need to read more, learn more in order to achieve more.

7. Maximize your team: Two good heads like they say are better than one, so you may need one or more persons as part of your team, to brainstorm and craft winning strategies for success.

8. Take action and succeed: After all is said and done, it is your action that will determine your success and achievements. If you want more achievements before the year ends, you must take appropriate steps towards your greatness.

It’s up to you now…
Cheers to your success!


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