Break through your barriers into 2018


Very recently, I was on my way to inspect a venue proposed by my team for a training and I joined a taxi to get to my destination.

Just before I sat in, I observed the lady who sat next to me was trying to communicate to the driver in sign language, explaining where her destination was and requesting to know what her fare would be and as I watched both of them, I could understand that this pretty lady was impaired in speech and hearing.

As we got on our journey, I noticed that she had in her hand an Android phone, and I thought to myself: “what would she need this for?” It wasn’t long after this thought crossed my mind that I heard her phone ring out loud, and as I observed to see how she would answer this call, she picked up, and behold it was a video call.

Because I sat beside her, I could easily see her communicate in sign language to her caller who also responded with sign language and they both were laughing and having the fun of their time, then I quickly realized that there are truly no barriers, but the ones we fix in our minds.

Just like this lady and her friend who have learned how to use technology to break their seeming barrier of communication, you too can recondition your mind and maximize every opportunity to break through every barrier that tends to limit you and your achievements in 2018 and beyond!



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