Pack your luggage, we’re about to move!!!

purple-patterned-suitcase-macysVery recently, I had a need to move some luggage with some people from one place to another and as we moved our luggage, it dawned on me that as 2017 comes to an end, over 7 billion people all over the earth will pack their luggage and move into 2018.

And as I thought on this, I realized that:

  1. Every meaningful movement must be plannedHow much of 2018 have you planned for? It is your responsibility to plan and prepare towards moving successfully from 2017 to 2018. Planning helps to recondition your mind towards a better outcome.


  1. Vision gives direction to the movementWhat vision do you have for 2018? Your vision will give direction and dimension to your movement and bring you to the destination of your dreams. People who dare to move without a vision end up as wanderers.



  1. People who move casually end up as casualtiesDo you want to be a casualty in 2018? Of course not. If so, you can’t afford to be casual about moving into 2018, you must be intentional about it. 2018 has 365 days to deliver the results you desire, but you will get them only when you are intentional and not casual.


  1. Only luggage necessary for the movement are carried alongYou must determine what’s needed for 2018 and move with them alone. You must prioritize your needs, you certainly don’t need previous negative events and people to carry into 2018, pick only lessons from 2017 and trash negative memories. Remember that you can’t move forward when looking back.



  1. Focus (on the destination) ensures the success of every meaningful movement- A person going somewhere can’t be seen everywhere. As you move, there are lots of distractions on the way, you therefore need focus to keep you on track and your eyes are fixed towards your desired destination in 2018 and beyond.

So if you desire to move to a new, bigger and better 2018, it is your responsibility to pack your luggage and get set to move into your greatness because in 13 days from today we are moving into 2018!


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