5 Profound Lessons on FOCUS


So I spent some precious hours of my weekend facilitating a training session for students of a particular school in Port Harcourt city and I enjoyed my time out with them- especially the question and answer session, as they poured out their worries and concerns about life, purpose, vision, destiny, success, and lots more and I took my time to demystify these issues with my answers.

I shared a few lessons with them on FOCUS and I think they are worth sharing with you:

  1. Focus is a necessary ingredient for success in life.
  2. Your ability to see [so many things] can become a distraction to you.
  3. In order to Focus, you need to become blind to your distractions.
  4. Whatever is not your priority is a distraction.
  5. To achieve success, you must feed your focus and starve your distractions.

Success wants you as much as you want it, FOCUS and diligence among other factors will enable you hit the mark.


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