Time to Emerge


Everyone alive was created with great potentials. We all came out of the womb empty-handed but richly-gifted.
People who become true leaders are those who discover themselves and their true value and let their greatness emerge as they serve their gifts to humanity. However, these three keys are expedient for your greatness to emerge:
1. Environment- Every seed (and gift) requires the right environment to grow. Toxic environments will kill the seed but fertile environments will enable growth and fruitfulness.

2. Nutrients- Every seed that grows to become a tree with fruits must be fed and cultivated with the right nutrients. If your greatness must emerge, you must be fed with the right nutrients.

3. Time- Every seed duly cultivated requires time to go through the process of emerging into a tree. If your greatness must emerge, you need time to discover yourself, develop yourself and deliver your gifts with diligence to your world.
Now you know the ‘E.N.T’ principle, apply yourself diligently and let your greatness emerge!


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