Your strength zone


As I sat in church, enjoying the sermon by the preacher and profusely taking notes into my sermon jotter, I observed that my neighbour was also jotting down some notes from the sermon. He wrote with his left hand, writing fast and effortlessly, just as I did with my right hand.

The lesson which stood out from that scenario was that everyone is born with unique strength zones. Life, therefore, becomes interesting when we find our strengths and live within our strength zones.

The strength zone of the fish is the water, the strength zone of the bird is the air, and the strength zone of the tree is the soil. Each of these thrives effortlessly when in their strength zone.

Whenever you discover your strength, focus on it and maximize it. If you do, your weaknesses will become too shy to show up.

So, find your strength zone, maximize it and succeed!


Grow, Lead, Succeed


One of life’s greatest discoveries is that man was designed and created to grow, lead, and succeed.

However, the limit to which you grow, lead and succeed is largely dependent on how much responsibility you are willing to take for your life and for all you do.

Wherever you are in life today is as a result of leadership: someone led you there: either you or someone responsible for you.

The core essence of leadership is to birth transformation. So, every facet of our society (schools, families, religious centers, marketplaces, and so on) is in dire need of good leadership.

You were born with the capacity to lead and to influence the world with your gifts, talents and strength.

The world is waiting for you!

Take responsibility today.

Grow, lead, and succeed.

Profound lessons from the vacuum mattress


Very recently, I was in Lagos where I was quartered by my host at the beautiful Elegba Festival Estate, Oniru, Victoria Island.

The next day, a few other friends joined us in our apartment and needed some extra sleeping space. So, I volunteered to inflate the vacuum mattress that was available.

Having used a manual pumping machine to inflate the mattress, I gleaned great lessons from the process.
1. Diligence: Diligence is a virtue for greatness. It is not just about what you do but how you love to do whatever you do. I knew a task was before me, so I had to be diligent with my work in order to inflate the mattress and birth my desired goal.

2. Perseverance: When I started pumping, I didn’t see much results but I knew that I had to persevere and not give up if I would ever see the vacuum mattress get inflated.

3. Consistency: I observed that each pump brought air into the mattress, so I consistently pumped in order to get the mattress sufficiently inflated. Consistency breeds mastery!

4. Time: Everything valuable requires time to build and grow. Using a manual pumping machine, it took some time to get the mattress inflated. Just like everything else, success requires time.

5. Patience: As I kept pumping, I had to be patient with the process of birthing the results I desired and eventually, after a while, the mattress was fully inflated.

6. Focus: I knew that I had a task before me, so I had to focus my time, energy and concentration on pumping because I understood that focus is a necessary ingredient for success in life.

As simple as it seems, we can learn profound lessons from almost everything and every event. Importantly also, we must apply ourselves to the lessons learnt because the essence of knowledge is application.

Cheers to your success.

The world is waiting for you!!!


Have you ever been at an airport to receive a special guest? You’d have realized that right there at the airport were others, also anticipating the arrival of their own guest or loved one. They awaited with an attitude of great expectation.

If, eventually, the flight failed to arrive as and when due, the whole atmosphere became beclouded with disappointment.

That’s exactly how it is right now!

The world is awaiting the arrival of your greatness.

The world is earnestly waiting to drink from the wealthy stream of your gifts, with which you’ve been equipped to bless humanity.

Your nation is waiting.

Your family is waiting.

Your friends are waiting.

Even your enemies are also waiting.

Everyone is waiting to feel the warmth that comes from the shine of your greatness!

And time is ticking…

So, will you MANIFEST or will you DISAPPOINT?

It’s up to you.