Gifted hands




Born without hands, 10-years-old Sara Hinesley must have had it tough growing up and going through life without hands. But one day, she came to the point where she refused to remain in the trauma of being born without hands and she refused to attend every pity party organized for her sake and chose to accept no excuses for failure and for being average in life.

She discovered that although she was born without hands, she wasn’t disabled but rather she had a different ability and she found strength in her seeming weakness. This uncommon strength caused her to soar like an eagle when she was announced as the winner of the national handwriting competition in the USA.

Wow! How did a girl without hands win the national handwriting competition?

A miracle happened in her mind, a mind shift!

This same mind miracle made Cobhams Asuquo, who was born blind, to become a celebrated singer and music producer today. It also made Nick Vujicic, a man born without limbs, to become a celebrated motivational speaker all over the world.

So, what’s your excuse today and what’s that seeming disadvantage or disability that’s keeping you from reaching your greatness?

If you take responsibility to rise above your limitations and believe that nothing is impossible, then you too can soar like an eagle.

It’s up to you!

Rise and soar!!


EXPECTATIONS: how to birth your success


When a farmer plants a seed, he becomes expectant of the harvest. When a woman gets pregnant, she becomes expectant of the birth of her baby. It is this expectation that makes the farmer continue cultivating the seed planted until he sees the harvest. Similarly, the woman undergoes due antenatal processes all in preparation to receive her baby.

Now, where there’s no expectation, there’s no preparation and where there’s no preparation, there’s no success and this explains why a lot of people fail to succeed.

People who succeed are those who anticipate success and put on an attitude of preparedness that makes them work towards their expectations.

So, never begin a new day, a new week or a new season of your life without expecting to win and succeed. Also, never have expectations without working diligently towards them.

Cheers to your greatness!

Get wisdom


One of the wisest men who lived and walked the surface of the earth was King Solomon of ancient Israel. History tells so much of his unequivocal wisdom and wealth to which he gave the credits to his supernatural encounters with God.

His words, songs, and counsels were so full of wisdom that thousands of years after he lived, billions of people around the world today still read and make reference to them as they remain relevant to present day realities; what awesome wisdom!

Wisdom is simply the application of godly knowledge and Solomon in one of his books wrote: “Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom and in all your getting, get understanding”. He spoke as a man who explored and walked in uncommon realms and dimensions of wisdom.

Wisdom will always set a person apart from the crowd.

In a world like ours where the ordinary is becoming a norm, we all need wisdom to set us apart in all we do.

This wisdom is not farfetched. King Solomon tells us that we have a responsibility to ‘Get Wisdom’. Wisdom is readily available in various information packages: books, audio/visuals and other proven materials that are “gettable”.

So if you want to stand out and be distinguished among others, you need to “Get wisdom” and apply it intentionally.

Inside out


It’s okay to desire and crave for change, transformation and newness but it’s more important to understand the concept of lasting change.

Lasting change is birthed from within a person and not from without. Whatever we see outside is only an expression of what’s going on inside.

So, if you desire true and lasting change, seek to change from inside out and not the reverse. The point is this: your mindset must change before any other thing around you changes. If you have a wrong disposition towards success or the means to achieving success, all your external efforts will meet the brick wall.

So its up to you to change from inside out and birth your success seamlessly.