Your best means


Very recently, in one of my flight experiences, I paid keen attention to the pilot as he gave several information about the flight, letting us know our height at flight, the distance covered and all that.

I also observed that at the exact time we expected to touch down, the rear tires touched the ground and the plane began to taxi to its halt.

As we received the pilot’s welcome and thank you notes and disembarked from the plane, it dawned on me that our means often determines a lot about the process and the results we achieve in life.

While I flew to my destination, some other individuals drove down to the same destination but we certainly did not have same experiences and processes, although we may have similar results (arriving at same destination). I arrived earlier and a lot easier than the person who came by road.

So, while you define your preferred destination in life, it is your responsibility to discern and choose wisely what your best means of arriving your destination would be, as your means determines your processes and results.

Cheers to your success!


How far can you see?


In a coaching session with a new client, I asked him: “what will be the state of your business in twenty years?” He sat back, starred at me, tried to think for a while, then said to me: “sincerely sir, I have never thought about this”.

So I began to share with him about the gift of far-sightedness and how it is one unique factor that makes people great and relevant.

Many people are short-sighted in their reasoning, they don’t see or think beyond the immediate; consequently, their success is short-lived.

You will possess as far as you can see. While we must appreciate the present, we must realize that there is a future which must be captured in a mental picture. After capturing it, effective planning and strategy will keep you positioned for opportunities.

Far-sightedness is a gift and a quality that can be cultivated and optimized to achieve greatness.

How far can you see?

Make that move


I officially welcome you to the second half of this year.

Just like a football match, the second half is a critical time, and everyone gunning for the win is never casual about the second half.

And so, this is not the time to be casual, but the time to consolidate on the lessons learnt in the previous half.

This is the time to steer clear of distractions and focus on winning. This is the time to make fresh moves for the win. This is the time to apply your winning strategies and take the right steps.

Remember: the fisherman doesn’t succeed by just paddling his boat; he succeeds only when he makes the move of throwing his net into the river for a catch.

Now is the time to make your winning moves and succeed!

Refresh, Refocus & Refire


Surprises usually spring up in the game of soccer. Sometimes, team X performs well in the first half, gaining a substantial percentage of the ball possession. But as the game proceeds into the second half, not only does team Y outplay team X, it also goes on to win the match. I will share with you the secret behind such a phenomenon.

The magic happened in the dressing room at half time. Every good coach knows how to optimize the half time to his advantage. Right there in the dressing room, the coach brings the team together and does three basic things. He REFRESHES their strategy, REFOCUSES their goal and REFIRES the team.

You too can maximise this strategy of the dressing room. As the first half of this year winds up, consistently anticipate the next phase, critically evaluate the present with a heart of gratitude and consciously plan for the next phase.

And as you do this, ensure that you REFRESH your strategies, REFOCUS your goals and REFIRE your mind for good success in the second half of this year and beyond.

Your success is possible!

Unleash your genius


One explicit truth about life is that everyone was born naked but loaded with several abilities.

It is, however, amazing how most people believe that they were born naked but have difficulties accepting and believing the latter.

Those who accept and believe only in their nakedness see limitations and impossibilities, while those who accept and believe in their loaded capacity see the unseen: they see timeless solutions and possibilities.

So, the few who accept and believe they’re loaded with potentials, gifts, talents and strengths have risen above the unbelieving multitude.

They have risen to unearth their potentials and unveil their gifts.

They have risen with determination to make a difference in their world. No wonder multitudes cheer and celebrate the genius of a few brave and courageous folks who have chosen to be intentional about achieving success instead of remaining a part of the wandering generality.

You too can rise, unearth your genius, unleash your greatness and make a difference.

It’s up to you!

Go for it


A close study of certain animals reveals that they stand out in their world because they have a unique ability to tactically respond to their instinct, take corresponding action and get what they want.

When they want something, they go all out for it, focusing all their energy on their goal until it is accomplished.

They don’t take no for an answer, they become insensitive to distractions, they bear and absorb the pain and remain tenacious as they go for it, and in the end they feel accomplished as they get set to hit another target, one at a time..

So as you set out to succeed this week, realize that your dreams and goals are achievable.

Remain tenacious and optimistic, don’t get distracted, focus your energy rightly, get understanding, be patient, take corresponding actions and go for it- one goal at a time.

Yes, it’s possible..

Go for it!

Dream • Create • Succeed


Everyone created by God was given creative abilities at birth and one purpose for this is simply to provide timeless solutions to the every increasing problems of mankind and his environment.

So, recently I bumped into the picture above and it’s a show of creativity, where some young folks in Lagos Nigeria are making use of not-in-use buses to set up a fast food centers and I must say this is a lovely concept.

They have shown that creativity is not complex but the ability to make use of resources available to turn dreams and ideas into unique solutions that meet needs and solve problems around you.

When we truly begin to explore our creative prowess, we would discover that nothing is impossible and that no resource is a waste, as everything can be revamped and creatively recycled to meet needs and solve problems in our world.

Its up to you.

Choose to create!