Please calm down!!!


The drama that ensued between the little boy and his Mum in the viral video was really amazing and also thought provoking as the boy showcased his negotiating skills with so much brilliance.

But beyond the drama is a very profound message that is so timely for many of us:

In a world with so much hustle and bustle, so much noise and distractions, so much tension and adversity, so much falsehood and uncertainty, we truly need to calm down.

That’s why the car was made with a brake system that enables it to slow down regardless of it’s high speed capacity, because speed without control is quite useless.

We need to calm down in order to see with clarity and purpose, what is new and ahead of us.

We need to calm down to think, because hasty decisions don’t always produce best results.

We need to calm down to concentrate and hear the Voice of God, in the midst of so much interference.

We need to calm our nerves down to rest, refuel, re-strategize and re-fire our shots towards success.

We need to calm down so we can add accuracy to our needed speed in order to hit our targets and achieve good success.

And as you calm down, you must stay focused on winning, stay diligent and stay phenomenal!

The game changer


Sport games are one of the biggest fun-bringing activities in our world today.

Every game has players, playing rules, coaches and most times, spectators that cheer the players.

Great players don’t play to entertain but to win the game and so they fix their energy, skills and focus on winning.

Every great coach and player understands that time is a critical factor and they maximize time to play and win their game.

Within the time allotted for each game, strategy can be changed and substitutions can be made just to ensure one thing- winning!

As we conclude the first half of this year and get set to step into the second half, ask yourself what new strategies will you adopt and what substitutions will you make to keep you relevant and winning beyond the now?

So think, plan, take action and be the game changer!

Throw it away!!!


Samson was one of the strongest men who ever walked the surface of the earth as chronicled in the Scripture.

In one of the battles he fought thousands of years ago, he had no weapon with him, but found a jaw bone of an ass. He took hold the bone and slew a thousand soldiers with it. Wow!

Interestingly, just after that great slaughter and victory, Samson threw the jaw bone away and moved ahead… yes he did!

I’m sure Samson understood something unique, that strategies for past victories may not be relevant for future conquests, so he refused to hold onto the jaw bone as many of us would do today.

Sometimes we hold dearly on to things and methods that produced results for us in the past and fail to realize that if we must have and produce new results, we need to engage in new methods, patterns and strategies.

What things have you been holding onto that can’t guarantee new results? 

It’s time to throw them away and move ahead to the new!!

Your circle of influence


Scenario one: a certain guy, born cripple, had a circle of friends who were committed to him, so everyday they carried him to a beautiful gate with a large crowd passing through it so he could beg for alms. This was their daily routine and he got the alms but was not any better.

Scenario 2: a certain guy was paralyzed on both feet and couldn’t walk, he had his circle of friends who were also committed, they were ready to go the extra mile to see their friend become better, so at some point they had to de-roof a building just to ensure that they brought their friend before the Man that could guarantee his life and healing and eventually they watched their friend get healed and become better.

Observe that in both scenarios, both circles were committed and whilst one was committed to seeing their friend becoming better, the other was committed to seeing their friend remaining the same. This is how critical the influence of our circles are to us.

Take a closer look at your circle- the closest people, relationships, associations and friends that you keep and ask yourself what their level of commitment is to you..

Certainly, your network determines your net worth.

He that walks with the wise will be wise but the companion of fools will be destroyed.

Are you in the right circle?

Is your circle having the right influence over you?

Think about this and make the right move!!!



So recently I had this conversation with a young chap and I asked him what the future of his industry will look like in the post covid 19 era and to my greatest surprise, he responded by saying “he hadn’t given it a thought”…. wow!

It quickly dawned on me that sadly, some folks are still casual about what’s happening globally without realizing that their cheese has been moved.

Truth be told, the current happenings has given us all the opportunity to think deep, review, reshape and reset our lives, our plans and our endeavours.

The world is transiting and this requires several levels of reset in order for you to fit in and remain relevant to your environment, your industry and the world.

That little reset and adjustment can become the bait for your biggest breakthrough.

Act now!


Staying committed


One indispensable requirement for success in life is commitment.

Every star all around the world walked into their stardom because they stayed committed, even so, your pursuit to success will also place much demand on your commitment.

Commitment demands that you don’t just do what you like to do, but what is right to do. Commitment demands that you stay focused, unwavering and courageous in the face of uncertainties and distractions.

You therefore must stay committed to your dreams, goals and vision, you must stay committed to your family, valuable connections and partnerships, you must stay committed to staying safe and making our world a better place, you must stay committed to learning and growing, you must stay committed to service to God and humanity, you must stay committed to adding value to yourself and creating valuable solutions that the world will pay you for.

Time is ticking, the world is changing, your dreams and goals are right before you. If you don’t stay committed, then you can’t make it.

It’s up to you. Stay committed!

Staying relevant


It’s no longer news that the Covid 19 era is changing the face of things all across the globe and when things stabilize, certain aspects of normal life as we know it will never be the same again.

Already, smart folks are beginning  to review and adjust their systems and structures, many non-essentials are giving way, while the core essentials are being positioned and repositioned for relevance in the post covid 19 seasons ahead of us.

So what’s your position in this whole game? Where do you stand? Where’s the place of your brand and business in the industry?

You need to take some time to think, pray, plan and strategize winning ways to retain your relevance for long term.

Learn as much as you need to, check and follow global and local trends, refuse to just sit idle and lockdown your creativity.

If it has to be, then it’s up to you to make it happen.

Be phenomenal or be forgotten!

Staying positive


In a world where there’s sufficient negativity in the news, so much fear in the environment, so much misunderstanding in the community and so much panic in the economy, survival requires more than just sleeping and waking up.

You have to determine to stay positive in order to stay afloat and stay safe from the negativity that tends to overwhelm the world.

Staying positive in a negativity ridden world, is no mean feat but is possible!

Here’s how:

1. Draw closer to God. He offers Grace and peace beyond human ability.
2. Don’t lose your vision.
3. Consciously elevate and reposition your mind above the negativity in the world.
4. Feed your mind with positivity only. Choose what you see, hear and say.
5. Change your network and hang around people that breed positivity only.
6. Feed your Faith and starve your fears. Yes you must.
7. Deliberately focus on your strengths and not your weakness.
8. Be intentional about staying safe. It’s your responsibility.
9. Learn, plan and prepare of opportunities.
10. Shine your light. The world needs more of it.

Each positive mind is like a ray of light in the midst of the dark and the more positive people we have, we will create a strong beam of light that will defeat and conquer fear and negativity around us.

So, stay fearless, stay positive and shine your light!

Going forward


We live in a dynamic world with many dynamic features that makes ample room for only those who are flexible and fast to adapt to the ever changing world, while those who are slow to change are left behind and become obsolete.

From time to time in our world, radical changes occur, old things pass away and bring about the emergence of a new normal.

Going forward, it is your responsibility to ensure that you take advantage of the new normal for your own advancement.

Learn about the changes and the new normal they bring along.

Position and reposition your mind and yourself for relevance as you go forward.

Plan and prepare strategically for opportunities of the new world.

Have faith in God and never lose sight of your vision, goals and dreams as you go forward.

Ensure that you go forward with balance in your spirit, soul and body (no part left behind).

Stay fearless, go forward!

After the storm


All across the world, it is not strange to hear of and experience crisis, challenges and turbulent moments, but the good news is that storms don’t last forever!

While it is good to anticipate challenging times and be prepared and positioned for survival, it is more important to prepare and position yourself for the life after the storm.

Storms usually bring about drastic changes, disruption in systems and creates a new normal. This is why you must prepare and be positioned to maneuver and remain relevant after the storm.

So you need to get thinking, you need to brainstorm and look critically into all aspects of your life and craft out timeless strategies that will position you and your business for relevance beyond the now.

A new world is emerging, theories and strategies are changing, economies are shifting but in all, God remains constant.

Time to act is now!


Be phenomenal or be forgotten!!!