Beyond the seed


One characteristic of every good farmer is the ability to see differently. While others see just a tiny seed, the farmer sees beyond the seed and sees the massive harvest that the seed can produce.

But between seed time and harvest is the process of cultivation, where the farmer nurtures the seed to fruition.

Every good farmer is always intentional about the process of cultivation because it determines a lot about the harvest.

And so you too must learn to see beyond the seed that you carry and diligently cultivate your seed everyday until you birth forth something new and great for our world.

It’s up to you. Be intentional!

The game changer


Sport games are one of the biggest fun-bringing activities in our world today.

Every game has players, playing rules, coaches and most times, spectators that cheer the players.

Great players don’t play to entertain but to win the game and so they fix their energy, skills and focus on winning.

Every great coach and player understands that time is a critical factor and they maximize time to play and win their game.

Within the time allotted for each game, strategy can be changed and substitutions can be made just to ensure one thing- winning!

As we conclude the first half of this year and get set to step into the second half, ask yourself what new strategies will you adopt and what substitutions will you make to keep you relevant and winning beyond the now?

So think, plan, take action and be the game changer!

Throw it away!!!


Samson was one of the strongest men who ever walked the surface of the earth as chronicled in the Scripture.

In one of the battles he fought thousands of years ago, he had no weapon with him, but found a jaw bone of an ass. He took hold the bone and slew a thousand soldiers with it. Wow!

Interestingly, just after that great slaughter and victory, Samson threw the jaw bone away and moved ahead… yes he did!

I’m sure Samson understood something unique, that strategies for past victories may not be relevant for future conquests, so he refused to hold onto the jaw bone as many of us would do today.

Sometimes we hold dearly on to things and methods that produced results for us in the past and fail to realize that if we must have and produce new results, we need to engage in new methods, patterns and strategies.

What things have you been holding onto that can’t guarantee new results? 

It’s time to throw them away and move ahead to the new!!

Plug into wealth


As I taught in an online class very recently, this question popped up- can everybody be rich and wealthy? And I gave my answer in these simple terms:

1. God designed everyone with the ability to be rich and wealthy. Sadly many people never realize and tap into this ability.

2. Life happens to us according to our belief. So becoming wealthy is first a matter of belief and it begins in your mind.

3. Wealth is first intangible and you are responsible for making the decisions and taking the actions that will move your wealth into the tangible realm

4. You therefore must train your eyes to see, your mind to recognize and your hands to maximize opportunities as they come

5. Real wealth resides in the resources within and around you and also in your ability to use the uncommon value you carry to serve your world in an uncommon manner.

6. Yes, you can plug into the heavy deposit of wealth within and around you and release it, if you don’t join the band wagon of those that see problems everywhere and agonize, but become a part of those who see opportunities everywhere and organize all it takes to make the most of every opportunity.

Wealth is in your design, but It’s up to you to choose where you belong and what you really want!

Staying committed


One indispensable requirement for success in life is commitment.

Every star all around the world walked into their stardom because they stayed committed, even so, your pursuit to success will also place much demand on your commitment.

Commitment demands that you don’t just do what you like to do, but what is right to do. Commitment demands that you stay focused, unwavering and courageous in the face of uncertainties and distractions.

You therefore must stay committed to your dreams, goals and vision, you must stay committed to your family, valuable connections and partnerships, you must stay committed to staying safe and making our world a better place, you must stay committed to learning and growing, you must stay committed to service to God and humanity, you must stay committed to adding value to yourself and creating valuable solutions that the world will pay you for.

Time is ticking, the world is changing, your dreams and goals are right before you. If you don’t stay committed, then you can’t make it.

It’s up to you. Stay committed!

Staying relevant


It’s no longer news that the Covid 19 era is changing the face of things all across the globe and when things stabilize, certain aspects of normal life as we know it will never be the same again.

Already, smart folks are beginning  to review and adjust their systems and structures, many non-essentials are giving way, while the core essentials are being positioned and repositioned for relevance in the post covid 19 seasons ahead of us.

So what’s your position in this whole game? Where do you stand? Where’s the place of your brand and business in the industry?

You need to take some time to think, pray, plan and strategize winning ways to retain your relevance for long term.

Learn as much as you need to, check and follow global and local trends, refuse to just sit idle and lockdown your creativity.

If it has to be, then it’s up to you to make it happen.

Be phenomenal or be forgotten!

Going forward


We live in a dynamic world with many dynamic features that makes ample room for only those who are flexible and fast to adapt to the ever changing world, while those who are slow to change are left behind and become obsolete.

From time to time in our world, radical changes occur, old things pass away and bring about the emergence of a new normal.

Going forward, it is your responsibility to ensure that you take advantage of the new normal for your own advancement.

Learn about the changes and the new normal they bring along.

Position and reposition your mind and yourself for relevance as you go forward.

Plan and prepare strategically for opportunities of the new world.

Have faith in God and never lose sight of your vision, goals and dreams as you go forward.

Ensure that you go forward with balance in your spirit, soul and body (no part left behind).

Stay fearless, go forward!

After the storm


All across the world, it is not strange to hear of and experience crisis, challenges and turbulent moments, but the good news is that storms don’t last forever!

While it is good to anticipate challenging times and be prepared and positioned for survival, it is more important to prepare and position yourself for the life after the storm.

Storms usually bring about drastic changes, disruption in systems and creates a new normal. This is why you must prepare and be positioned to maneuver and remain relevant after the storm.

So you need to get thinking, you need to brainstorm and look critically into all aspects of your life and craft out timeless strategies that will position you and your business for relevance beyond the now.

A new world is emerging, theories and strategies are changing, economies are shifting but in all, God remains constant.

Time to act is now!


Be phenomenal or be forgotten!!!

Profitable collaboration


Every great organization and institution all over the world is simply a collaboration of ideas.

It might have started with an idea from one person, but has grown big to have innovative ideas from other people- this goes a long way to show that one is too small a number to achieve anything significant.

There’s always a need for partnerships. It is through partnerships that babies are born, plants are made to germinate and businesses are made to profit.

So as you begin to bring your dreams and ideas to fruition, you would need to collaborate with valuable partners who can make your dream succeed.

And since two can’t work together except they agree, there’s a grave need to consider the PEOPLE in the partnership, the PLACE where the partnership will work, the PRINCIPLES by which the partnership will blossom, the PROGRAM that structures the partnership and most importantly, you must focus on the PURPOSE of the partnership.

These keys will make your collaboration a PROFITABLE one and unlock the doors of success for you.

Creativity has evolved


Growing up as a little boy, I saw most people give expression to their creative prowess in several ways.

Most of us had so much fun rolling tyres around, building sandy and muddy houses, among others, just to give expression to our innate creative abilities. Most times, our ‘inventions’ got the attention of the neighborhood.

While it’s okay to reminisce on all that, it’s important to understand that creativity has evolved, as nobody will today applaud anyone for building sandy or muddy houses. Neither will you be famous for making paper boats or rolling tyres around.

The world is waiting to celebrate cutting-edge inventions and disruptive ideas that will transform entire systems, cities and economies.

The same mind that imagined a paper boat years ago and made it, has the ability to conceive the next big and disruptive idea. The only trouble is that most people threw away their creativity and let the pressures of life and career choke their God-given ability to dream, create and succeed.

There’s gold inside of you and you must let it out!

It’s your responsibility to engage your mind deeply to create timeless, disruptive and cutting-edge solutions that will transform our world.

Yes you can!