A Brand New Nation


NIGERIA road sign

A big congratulations to all Nigerians!

So as we celebrate 57 years of independence and reflect on how far we’ve gone as a nation, lets unite to build a brand new nation.

Let’s resolve add value and make our nation great again.

Click this link to hear how we can build a brand new nation together.



Smash all your targets!!!


One of the many reasons why most people achieve much in life and many others achieve little or nothing is FOCUS or the lack of it!

Because there are billions of information competing for your attention per time, successful people have learnt to FOCUS, in order to hit their target.

Successful people FOCUS on their vision.

Your FOCUS must never be empty, but your vision must become your target.

To build a perfect FOCUS, you need to define priority and stay on it until success is achieved.

Note that whatever is not your priority is a distraction, so FOCUS on your priority, feed your FOCUS and starve your distractions.

That way, you become intentional and deliberate about your life and your success, giving no place to those distractions that impede your progress and productivity.

Therefore with FOCUS, diligence and skillfulness, you can smash all your targets!






Here’s one way to save time…


So I decided to feed my eyes by looking sideways and enjoy the music from the car stereo as I rode in a cab along the streets of Port Harcourt, when I saw an advert banner from one of the popular banks, hanging on the streetlight pole along the way with an amazing caption that read:

“Open an account in 4 minutes”

Wow! They were showcasing their new instant account platform by which an account opening process takes just 4 minutes—


Now here’s their secret: They’re leveraging on technology to innovate their processes, save time and add value to their services.

And as I thought on these, it dawned on me that in this age, people (including me) will prefer “speed and accuracy” to “slow and steady” in order to gain a fair advantage of time.

So, it behoves on everyone to leverage on technology (which is not complex), to innovate their processes, their products and services, to add value, attract the right people and propel growth and profitability.

With technology, you can do it faster, save time and still get it correctly.

  • Speed and accuracy or Slow and steady…

You choose!


Buy the FUTURE now!!!

Manufaktureigene Elektrotankstelle/Volkswagen Golf Blue-e-Motion

A few years ago, there was an advert that aired on many TV stations in Nigeria, by one of the commercial banks of that time and they said:

“one day, cars will run on water”

While it sounded impossible to many viewers, they were simply showing us where their imagination had taken them- into the future!

They were able to reach into the far future, see the incredible and buy into the realm of possibilities.

I strongly believe that the future is here.

Cars don’t run on water yet, but many cars now run on electric current, after they are charged up.

Soonest, maximum innovations will replace petrol stations with electric charging hubs.

Already, some countries have given deadlines for the extinction of cars powered by petrol engines and automobile companies like Volvo have also set their time to discontinue the production of petrol powered cars.

All these may eventually evolve to the place where we would drive cars that “run on water” like that bank prophesied in their commercial.

But while we await what is to come, you must play your role effectively, use your imagination to buy yourself a place in the future.

Learn, Think, Explore, Invent, Innovate, Build, Position and Package yourself, your product and service to be future compliant.

Like John Obidi will always say: Be phenomenal or be forgotten!!!


About Innovation and Creativity (A lesson from China)


As I grew as a little boy a few years ago, the word China was not synonymous with industries and productivity.

In fact the only thing I knew about China, apart from being an Asian country was the slim, yellow wooden ruler I used in primary school, on which was boldly written: “Made in China”.

Today, the world has a totally different testimony about China as they have strategically positioned themselves as phenomenal nation.

One secret they have is their quest for creativity and innovation and they drive this with grave passion, challenging and empowering their people to not just think outside the box, but “think like there’s no box”.

Recently they unveiled their latest monorail system, which has the railcar hanging under the rail with a very fast speed ability and I’m amazed how they consistently challenge convention through creativity and innovation.

Just like China, we can give expression to our creative and innovative potentials, when we truly discover who we are and what we have and passionately determine to make a difference and add value in order to meet the needs in our environment, solve problems in our world and become phenomenal.

The choice is yours!





How to get people attracted to you

18497669-Crowd-of-young-people-running-Sport-illustration--Stock-Vector-silhouetteSo I was on my way to attend one of the most amazing trainings I’ve ever had, and as walked down my street and prepared my mind for the training, I observed that there was this gathering of close to 12 people or more, at one corner and this was about 8am on Saturday morning.

This made me take a closer look in their direction to be sure what it was they had gathered for and then I realized that they had come to buy a popular Nigerian meal- Bean cake (Akara) from this woman who prepares it at that spot every morning.

As I kept observing their faces, I could see them standing and waiting expectantly, with their gaze fixed at the frying pan filled with boiling oil, sitting on top of the firewood burner which was used to prepare this meal and then it quickly struck me that these people would make the sacrifice of standing and waiting patiently in their discomfort just to buy Akara from this particular woman because of one thing- Value!

The value they were getting in exchange for their money was worth the discomfort and many of them always bought from her because the value was retained.

Now, if you want to get people attracted to you (your product or service), you need to do these two things:

  1. Make Yourself (your product and service) Valuable.
  2. Consistently Deliver Value.

And you will attract the people who are willing to pay, just to have a piece of you, your product and service.




One of the most amazing and fascinating games that heats up the sports world is football.

Now, I’m not a crazy fan as some are but I love the game.

Every follower of this game understands that there are two halves, with 45 minutes allotted to each, bringing the total play time to 90 minutes.

We can look at the 12 months of every year as the 90 minutes of the game and we can easily split the year into two halves, each having 6 months.

In football, the second half is preceded by a short break after the first half and is most times seen as the time for the real game, as this half determines a lot about the entire game.

Every good coach will re-plan and re-strategize with his players after a careful study of the first half and where necessary during the second half, they change their formation and make substitutions that can result in an ultimate game change in their favour, enabling them to score their winning goals and emerge as champions.

In this second half of this year, you too can take advantage of this secret, look at what has worked and not worked during the first half, re-strategize, change your formation and make necessary substitutions, refuel, recharge and  re-launch yourself to achieve your goals in this second half of this year and change the game of this year in your favour.