Plug into wealth


As I taught in an online class very recently, this question popped up- can everybody be rich and wealthy? And I gave my answer in these simple terms:

1. God designed everyone with the ability to be rich and wealthy. Sadly many people never realize and tap into this ability.

2. Life happens to us according to our belief. So becoming wealthy is first a matter of belief and it begins in your mind.

3. Wealth is first intangible and you are responsible for making the decisions and taking the actions that will move your wealth into the tangible realm

4. You therefore must train your eyes to see, your mind to recognize and your hands to maximize opportunities as they come

5. Real wealth resides in the resources within and around you and also in your ability to use the uncommon value you carry to serve your world in an uncommon manner.

6. Yes, you can plug into the heavy deposit of wealth within and around you and release it, if you don’t join the band wagon of those that see problems everywhere and agonize, but become a part of those who see opportunities everywhere and organize all it takes to make the most of every opportunity.

Wealth is in your design, but It’s up to you to choose where you belong and what you really want!

Your circle of influence


Scenario one: a certain guy, born cripple, had a circle of friends who were committed to him, so everyday they carried him to a beautiful gate with a large crowd passing through it so he could beg for alms. This was their daily routine and he got the alms but was not any better.

Scenario 2: a certain guy was paralyzed on both feet and couldn’t walk, he had his circle of friends who were also committed, they were ready to go the extra mile to see their friend become better, so at some point they had to de-roof a building just to ensure that they brought their friend before the Man that could guarantee his life and healing and eventually they watched their friend get healed and become better.

Observe that in both scenarios, both circles were committed and whilst one was committed to seeing their friend becoming better, the other was committed to seeing their friend remaining the same. This is how critical the influence of our circles are to us.

Take a closer look at your circle- the closest people, relationships, associations and friends that you keep and ask yourself what their level of commitment is to you..

Certainly, your network determines your net worth.

He that walks with the wise will be wise but the companion of fools will be destroyed.

Are you in the right circle?

Is your circle having the right influence over you?

Think about this and make the right move!!!

Staying committed


One indispensable requirement for success in life is commitment.

Every star all around the world walked into their stardom because they stayed committed, even so, your pursuit to success will also place much demand on your commitment.

Commitment demands that you don’t just do what you like to do, but what is right to do. Commitment demands that you stay focused, unwavering and courageous in the face of uncertainties and distractions.

You therefore must stay committed to your dreams, goals and vision, you must stay committed to your family, valuable connections and partnerships, you must stay committed to staying safe and making our world a better place, you must stay committed to learning and growing, you must stay committed to service to God and humanity, you must stay committed to adding value to yourself and creating valuable solutions that the world will pay you for.

Time is ticking, the world is changing, your dreams and goals are right before you. If you don’t stay committed, then you can’t make it.

It’s up to you. Stay committed!

Borderless success


One powerful way to move from SUCCESS to SIGNIFICANCE is by growing your value and relevance beyond your immediate environment.

In the beginning, God blessed man and commissioned him to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue the earth, and dominate it. God was clearly saying that man’s success should be borderless. You were created to be fruitful, multiply and dominate regions and continents with your success.

Bill Gate’s software was made in America but they are now used all over the world. This is an example of borderless success.

It’s okay to start small and build locally but it’s important to think big and globally. See the world as your constituency. With this philosophy and with the aid of technology and social media, you can reach the world with your fruit (products/solutions) and you can have borderless success.

No more limits!

Your world of possibilities


Recently, Richard Branson, one of the world’s admired business moguls and CEO of the Virgin Group, shared a story of how, at age 27, he desired to start a cruise liner. At 70, after about 43 years of working diligently and not giving up, he is launching his cruise line: Virgin Voyage.

As I read his story, I began to ask myself whether I can keep my faith alive on my dream for a long time as 43 years until it becomes a reality.

As I pondered on this, it dawned on me that the world of possibilities is only accessible to dreamers who refuse to give up on their dreams.

You too can make yours a world of possibilities where dreams become realities when you engage the potent forces of faith, patience and diligence.

Your dreams are valid, don’t give up, keep working!

Clear view


One beautiful thing that can happen to anyone embarking on a journey is having a clear picture of that journey.

An aircraft flying without a good vision is headed for outright danger, so also a vehicle traveling without a clear view.

Vision beautifies your journey and gives direction.

So as you begin the journey for a new season, it is imperative to leverage on the power of vision in order to have a clear view and get direction for your journey.

See your greatness


Real transformation begins in the mind and when this happens, impossibility fades away.

There’s no limitation anywhere except the one we place in our minds and the perception we have of ourselves certainly creates our reality.

Greatness has a mirror and you can only become as great as you can see yourself when ever you stare at that mirror.

This is one secret that has raised many from the slums of life to the skies of life and the lack of it has left many stranded and limited in life.

It’s up to you to be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Now, look up yourself in the mirror, see the real you and announce to yourself: You’re great and destined for greatness only!!!

Keep building, keep rising..


I always love to see a building go from a mere plan to an actual structure.

While the plan visualizes the building, it is the following of that plan during execution that guarantees the success of the building in it’s reality.

Every great building requires a good plan, quality building materials, standard equipments and of course professional builders…

Build your dreams diligently because they will eventually transform into your greatness. Moreover, remember to follow the plan of your dreams and build with quality materials.

Finally, ensure that you surround your dreams with builders and not destroyers.

Fragrance of success


There’s a very popular story in the Holy Bible about a certain lady who had an alabaster box that contained a very expensive ointment.

One day, she met Jesus Christ and took one of the most important decisions of her life: to break her alabaster box and pour her treasured ointment on Jesus Christ. This action changed the course of her life forever!

Just like this lady, many of us have our treasures, dreams, ideas and potentials still boxed up. Besides, the fragrance of our talents, gifts and strengths remain unexplored.

Instead of just admiring your alabaster box and the treasures in it, you can choose to break it. Let out your treasures and the fragrance of your dreams for the good of humanity.

Never take your life for granted!!!


Life is a precious gift which should never be taken for granted simply because you can effortlessly breathe, sleep, wake, eat and move.

People who do not trivialize life easily recognise opportunities. Since, success is not an accidental gift, only intentional individuals get it!

Most people have missed opportunities, delayed their accomplishments and have buried their dreams because they took life for granted.

If you truly want to be successful and achieve your greatness then you can’t afford to take your life for granted for a second. You must be intentional about living.