Maximize the next 55 days!


Just incase you’re yet to realize, we have only 55  days to get done with 2017 and make a triumphant entry into the new year 2018… yipeee!!!

So recently, I sat down to review my goals, take stock of this year and also strategize and plan for the new year (this is one exercise everyone expecting to win the new year must learn to do)

As I took time to meditate, critically analyze and plan, it dawned on me that of a truth, no athlete prepares for the game on the D-day and there’s no time for rehearsal once the spot light is on you!

Adequate preparation and rehearsal to win 2018 MUST be done before the game starts and the spotlight of 2018 is turned on, once the lights are turned on, it’s time to hit the road and run to win the race and not a time for excuses, blames, complains and criticism.

If you must produce the right results in the coming year, you have only 55  days to strategize a game changer and make it happen, because the year will certainly distinguish between those who plan and work their plan out and those without a plan, who expect to pick up success along the street.




Make that U-turn!!!



Listening to a song from one of my favorite band- Casting Crown, a particular line kept me thinking and there they sang about a lady who’s “running 100 miles per hour in the wrong direction”…


As I kept on pondering, I could only imagine how she would at the best waste all energy to arrive at the wrong destination, then the saying that “Direction is better than speed” made massive sense to me, because “direction determines destination”.


While we live, move and have our being, it is most essential to get direction for life’s journey and regardless of how far you have gone, if you realize that where you are headed is a detour from your authentic destination, your best option is to quickly make that U-turn, retrace your steps and realign yourself in the right path that will lead you to your destination.

Make a difference through INNOVATION

innovation_light_bulbsA few Sundays ago, I walked into an outlet Aleda Dolce- of one of the premium ice cream brands in the city of Port Harcourt, with my boss and a colleague.

As I kept on admiring their beautiful outlet and watched as they made their ice cream and attended to various customers, the CEO specifically came to our table, to make offers to us and brandish their unique products.

She offered my boss who was her special guest the very unique “banana split” package, while I and my colleague got their special “red velvet cake roll” package, then she took some time to explain the different making processes of their ice cream and some of their advantages as we ate and enjoyed the lovely tastes of our ice cream.

Furthermore, as we applauded the unique packages of Aleda Dolce, I whispered to my boss and colleague: “Innovation made the difference”.

I realized that through innovation, they had grown their brand from the regular ice cream to something new, something more and something better- this is what innovation does!

Innovation is not complex.

Innovation adds value to what has been and ensures the continuous success of a person, place, thing and organization.

You too can master the art of innovation and use it to advance your personal and corporate brand for maximum productivity.

It’s time to add value and make a difference through innovation!

Will you also be Left Behind?


In the course of the week, I had the need to send various items via courier to their destinations and after weighing several options, I decided to try out the services of two of the big players in the courier industry.

So I walked into an outlet of the first, I quickly observed their organization, their cheerful welcome and how with the aid of technology they ensured quicker service to their customers and when I was done, they thanked me for choosing their services.

Then I moved to the outlet of the second player and immediately noticed their lack of organization, poor customer service and i spent more time there because they had to do manual service, instead of working with the aid of technology to save time. When I was done, I walked out of their office with one cool and simple decision- Never to come back there!

Then I realized that indeed you don’t need to move backward to become irrelevant, you only need to stop moving forward and the world would leave you behind.

The moment you stop moving forward, you are left behind, you start to lose essence and value and end up in the quagmire called irrelevance.

In this age, technology has changed a lot in various spheres of life and we must take advantage of this in order to advance.

So will you advance or be left behind?

The choice is yours!



Earn $30billion and more as a VOLUNTEER!!!


I grew up imbibing a heart of service and I know how to maximize every opportunity I have to serve.

This has led me to severally volunteer my time, energy and other resources in service to God and to other people’s vision because I strongly believe that what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.

In one of my recent opportunities as a volunteer, I was privileged to meet and serve some of my most admired role models that I have followed from a distance for about 10 years and in the place of service, I got direct access to them all. Wow!

As I sat around them,  walked around with then and talk with them, I was inspired, humbled and fired up. Indeed he who walks with the wise, will be wise…

With a heart so thankful for this opportunity, I began to glean numerous lessons from my experience as a volunteer, some of which are in areas of Leadership, Team work, Diligence,  Passion, Excellence, Character, Capacity, Understanding, Tolerance, Self Discipline, to mention but a few.

While I’m so grateful for the privilege to serve and for the access I got through service which is worth more than $30billion, I also realize that it is my responsibility to work diligently, leveraging on my access in order to convert my $30billion from an invisible realm into the visible realm with undeniable proofs.

In addition to access, I also got an impartation of grace and the blessings of my role models. The gains of service are truly inestimable!

Do you also want $30billion and more?

Let’s serve God and humanity together!


Smash all your targets!!!


One of the many reasons why most people achieve much in life and many others achieve little or nothing is FOCUS or the lack of it!

Because there are billions of information competing for your attention per time, successful people have learnt to FOCUS, in order to hit their target.

Successful people FOCUS on their vision.

Your FOCUS must never be empty, but your vision must become your target.

To build a perfect FOCUS, you need to define priority and stay on it until success is achieved.

Note that whatever is not your priority is a distraction, so FOCUS on your priority, feed your FOCUS and starve your distractions.

That way, you become intentional and deliberate about your life and your success, giving no place to those distractions that impede your progress and productivity.

Therefore with FOCUS, diligence and skillfulness, you can smash all your targets!






Get Paid for your excuses!

Paid StampSo I walked into this shoe shop, strategically located at a very busy junction in the city of Port Harcourt and a young man approached and welcomed me as I looked through the racks to feed my eyes and select what was fitting to me.

As I continued to make choices on what shoe to pick, another young man (the shop owner) walked up to me with an amazing smile, signaling with his hands and expressing how nice the shoe I picked was, so I asked him a question for bargaining purposes because I noticed the first guy had left the shop, and I got the shock of my life-

He was vocally impaired, in other words he was dumb!

So using his fingers and keenly observing my lips as I spoke and also the signaling of my hands, we agreed on a price and I made payments.

As I walked out of that shop, imaginations filled my heart as I reminisced on my experience there, then it dawned on me that the “dumb” young man who owned the shop refused to limit himself by his impairment, rather he chose to challenge his weakness, leverage on his strength to maximize opportunities and build his passion.

I also realized that people who love to give excuses get paid for them, as well as people who look for opportunities to produce results.

You must also note that excuses are good reasons for bad results!

While excuses pay you with failure and no achievement, opportunities on the other hand pays you with great results, success and accomplishments.

Which payment do you want to receive?