Fragrance of success


There’s a very popular story in the Holy Bible about a certain lady who had an alabaster box that contained a very expensive ointment.

One day, she met Jesus Christ and took one of the most important decisions of her life: to break her alabaster box and pour her treasured ointment on Jesus Christ. This action changed the course of her life forever!

Just like this lady, many of us have our treasures, dreams, ideas and potentials still boxed up. Besides, the fragrance of our talents, gifts and strengths remain unexplored.

Instead of just admiring your alabaster box and the treasures in it, you can choose to break it. Let out your treasures and the fragrance of your dreams for the good of humanity.

Never take your life for granted!!!


Life is a precious gift which should never be taken for granted simply because you can effortlessly breathe, sleep, wake, eat and move.

People who do not trivialize life easily recognise opportunities. Since, success is not an accidental gift, only intentional individuals get it!

Most people have missed opportunities, delayed their accomplishments and have buried their dreams because they took life for granted.

If you truly want to be successful and achieve your greatness then you can’t afford to take your life for granted for a second. You must be intentional about living.

Are you a lone racer?


Just as the sky is large enough for every star to shine, the realm of greatness is spacious enough for the whole of mankind.

But most people don’t accomplish much in life because they choose to be lone racers instead of being team players.

One is too small a number to accomplish anything great and significant. We need others and they need us too. It takes more than just you to get yourself to the place called greatness.

So quit the lone racer’s game and learn to collaborate, team-play, leverage, build diligently and grow consistently until you reach your greatness.


Here or there…


Double-mindedness is a state of uncertainty in which productivity is stalled. Double-mindedness hinders one’s realisation of dreams and achievement of targets.

Double-minded folks are like the waves of a sea that rise and fall within seconds. Such people seldom accomplish anything significant in life because they are unstable, neither here nor there.

Life is programmed not to respond to options. So you must be clear about what you desire and go for it.

Banish your doubts and fears and focus on your goals and dreams. Apply yourself diligently until you reach your greatness.

Make your success sprout


Few months into this year, I planted four coconut seedlings and began to cultivate them, ensuring that they got the care needed for them to do well.

Surprisingly, at the time I expected them to sprout, I observed that only two, out of the four, were sprouting and it seemed as if the remaining two were not going to sprout. I felt as though my efforts were wasted.

I was consoled by the fact that at least two were doing well and rising each day. For the remaining two, I chose to apply the faith principle, believing that they would do well.

Yesterday, I took a look at them and I noticed something sprouting gradually from those two that refused to sprout initially. My heart was filled with overwhelming joy. Then the following dawned on me:

  1. We must never lose sight of our visions, dreams and goals.
  2. Faith is an indispensable factor for success.
  3. Sometimes, our successes truly differ and have their set times.
  4. Success (growth) happens internally before the results are seen externally.
  5. Every due diligence is never a wasted effort.
  6. Even when we’re disappointed, we should never be discouraged.

Cheers to your success!

Success moves- 3 moves successful people make


As humans, it is natural to make moves. However, while certain moves tend toward our success, some others are of no significant value.

A rocking horse can be ridden back and forth. Although it moves, those moves are insignificant and with no progress.

In every game, there are moves that decide who wins and who loses. So is life. What moves are you making? The quality of your moves will determine the height of your success.

Successful people have learnt to make three moves:

  1. Right moves
  2. Bold moves
  3. Smart moves

You should outgrow the days when you made rocking horse moves, going back and forth without advancing. Now is the time to consciously make significant progress.

Now is the time to move, upward and forward only!

A clear view to success


The windscreen of an automobile does not only provide visibility but also protects its driver and occupants. In terms of its protective role, it keeps the driver and others behind it safe from dust, rocks, insects, etc. The nature of its coating also prevents the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on the occupants.

However, some dusty and other items may stubbornly stick to the windscreen, blurring the view of the driver and passengers. In order to keep a clear view, manufacturers of automobiles also made available the windscreen wipers: another device used to remove rain, snow, ice and debris from the windscreen. In most countries, it is a punishable offence to drive without a windscreen wiper.

This has serious implications on your journey towards success. People and circumstances will, consciously or unconsciously, attempt to blur your vision. Do you have a metaphoric windscreen together with its wipers? There are two examples of these that may help you to keep a clear vision during the course of your journey: good companions and well-documented goals.

The clearer your vision is, the brighter your picture of success will be.