What works for you


While growing up in southern Nigeria, we were used to eating certain fruits and foods in their seasons, after which they’ll disappear.

Down south, we thought that maize, for example, was a seasonal food until I moved to Abuja, a North Central state where maize is available all year round.

I discovered that the farmers in that region broke the limitations of depending on the rains to water their farmlands. They began to use the irrigation method of watering to grow their farms all year round.

They have discovered what works for them. They are utilizing it, breaking limitations and ensuring their productivity and profitability all year round.

You too can break your limits, be productive and achieve all year round success, if only you find what really works for you and apply it diligently.

Never take your life for granted!!!


Life is a precious gift which should never be taken for granted simply because you can effortlessly breathe, sleep, wake, eat and move.

People who do not trivialize life easily recognise opportunities. Since, success is not an accidental gift, only intentional individuals get it!

Most people have missed opportunities, delayed their accomplishments and have buried their dreams because they took life for granted.

If you truly want to be successful and achieve your greatness then you can’t afford to take your life for granted for a second. You must be intentional about living.

Yes! You’ll find it


A few years ago, the federal government of Nigeria commissioned a team to search for crude oil in the northern part of the country.

While many considered it a futile search, maybe because the northern region is full of mountains and deserts, the team went ahead to execute its mandate. But after about two years of search, they found no oil.

Refusing to give up the search, they continued and very recently, they greeted the nation with the good news of their search: they found crude oil in the Lake Chad Basin!

You need to be like the search team which refused to give up until they found the object of their search. You must remain resilient, focused and determined with your goals, ideas and dreams. If you can do so, you will surely find success and more success.

Harvest your success


As children, we always looked forward to the last 3-4 months of the year because those were the months during which we celebrated our church’s harvest.

The harvest celebration was very unique, as people came to thank God for a bumper harvest or a successful farming season. They did this by showcasing their various yields.

I’d like to see life as a farm and we as farmers. Our ideas, businesses, and careers are the seeds. In the end, we all look forward to the harvest season. It is important for you to bear the following in mind.

1. Every farmer knows that the harvest season is preceded by the planting season. What have you been planting?

2. Every farmer understands the place of diligence in cultivating his farmland. How have you been cultivating your “farmland”?

3. Every farmer knows that the quality of the harvest is largely determined by the quality of the seed and the cultivation. What is the quality of your work so far?

4. Every farmer understands that after the harvest comes the season to plant again. Have you reserved some seeds to sow again?

These questions should guide you through every season of your life, whether planting or harvesting.

On life’s highway to success


Sometime ago, while I was driving along the very busy Aba express road in Port Harcourt, I observed that the highway was partitioned to have vehicles move on various lanes.

The vehicles were many and varied: trucks, motorcycles, cars, tricycles, etc. While some moved in my direction, others were driven in the opposite direction. At certain junctions, some vehicles took new turns, depending on their destinations.

Moreover, these varied vehicles moved at different speed levels: some moved fast, some moved moderately and others moved slowly.

Life’s journey to success is akin to the scenario of the highway. We all have different destinations which determines our pace and direction. Our destinations also determine the companies we keep.

So, where is your destination? Are you going in the right direction? Are you moving at the appropriate speed level? Are you traveling with the right company?


Here or there…


Double-mindedness is a state of uncertainty in which productivity is stalled. Double-mindedness hinders one’s realisation of dreams and achievement of targets.

Double-minded folks are like the waves of a sea that rise and fall within seconds. Such people seldom accomplish anything significant in life because they are unstable, neither here nor there.

Life is programmed not to respond to options. So you must be clear about what you desire and go for it.

Banish your doubts and fears and focus on your goals and dreams. Apply yourself diligently until you reach your greatness.

A new page for your success


Each new day offers us fresh opportunities to make necessary changes, re-write the stories of our lives, dot our i’s and cross our t’s.

A new day offers us a new chance to mend faulty areas, strengthen relevant bonds and break up irrelevant ties.

A new day gives us the privilege and courage to rise from our falls, start afresh, review our goals, restrategize, make better moves and hit our targets.

A new day gives us the opportunity to unlearn, re-learn, grow, apply ourselves diligently and become better versions of ourselves.

While we have a new day, we must realize that nothing moves until it is moved. So, you must resolve to take responsibility for your life and maximize this new day to be the best you can be and achieve your greatness.

Have a beautiful day!