Health is wealth


Growing up as a little boy, I always heard the saying “health is wealth” used to buttress the import of our health as humans. Searching through the holy scriptures, I also saw that it is God’s will for us to prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper.

These statements have made more sense to me and perhaps the whole world in the past few weeks as we’ve collectively witnessed a rise in the scourge of the Covid 19 epidemic, currently viewed as the greatest threat to the health and collective prosperity of the world.

With the swift spread of this virus, the world economy is under intense pressure, major cities and nations are shutting down and people going into compulsory isolation all in a bid to find survival.

It all boils down to one truth: “the healthier we are, the wealthier we can become”. So in the midst of all these:

• Let’s maintain good personal hygiene

•Let’s ensure our health is in tact

•Let’s reach out and show love to our friends, family and neighbours while maintaining social distance at least by phone calls, mobile chats and sms.

•Let’s draw closer to our maker, be sensitive to the Spirit and seek His face now more than ever before

•Let’s pray for and support all those on the frontline of action and service

•Let’s choose faith over fear, fear not but have faith in God

•Let’s stay positive, utilize our time wisely to plan, prepare and position ourselves for the best

•Let’s stay safe and remain grateful for the gift of life and good health.

At the end of it all, we will win this battle.

Every life is precious!

Maximizing relationships


For everyday we are alive, we have to meet and interact with people, wherever we find ourselves because people make the world habitable.

Having the right people around you is one of the best things that can ever happen to anyone, but most times we are ignorant and tend to neglect and despise the people we have around us and some times we even abuse our relationship with them.

If Joseph’s brothers and those he encountered in Potiphar’s house and in the prison yard ever knew that Joseph was going to become the Prime Minister of Egypt, I believe they would have treated him better and maximized their relationship with him.

So whenever we have people around us, we must appreciate the gift of people, we must be the best we can be to them, add value to them and help them become the best they can be and by so doing, we maximize our relationships for the better.

Last but not the least


By divine happenstance, we’ve come to the last Monday of the last week of the last month of the year. Nonetheless, it’s only the last but it’s not the least.

Great things happen at the last lap. Teams even get to win their games at the injury time and at the last minute, miracles happen.

So don’t give up. Stay strong, stay alive, stay confident.

Yes, it’s the last and not the least, so don’t expect anything less because you can gain a lot from your seeming loss.

Be grateful for the last period of the year and be hopeful for the new year just ahead of you.

After all is said and done, you’re a winner!

Cheers to your success!!!

Your best means


Very recently, in one of my flight experiences, I paid keen attention to the pilot as he gave several information about the flight, letting us know our height at flight, the distance covered and all that.

I also observed that at the exact time we expected to touch down, the rear tires touched the ground and the plane began to taxi to its halt.

As we received the pilot’s welcome and thank you notes and disembarked from the plane, it dawned on me that our means often determines a lot about the process and the results we achieve in life.

While I flew to my destination, some other individuals drove down to the same destination but we certainly did not have same experiences and processes, although we may have similar results (arriving at same destination). I arrived earlier and a lot easier than the person who came by road.

So, while you define your preferred destination in life, it is your responsibility to discern and choose wisely what your best means of arriving your destination would be, as your means determines your processes and results.

Cheers to your success!

Refresh, Refocus & Refire


Surprises usually spring up in the game of soccer. Sometimes, team X performs well in the first half, gaining a substantial percentage of the ball possession. But as the game proceeds into the second half, not only does team Y outplay team X, it also goes on to win the match. I will share with you the secret behind such a phenomenon.

The magic happened in the dressing room at half time. Every good coach knows how to optimize the half time to his advantage. Right there in the dressing room, the coach brings the team together and does three basic things. He REFRESHES their strategy, REFOCUSES their goal and REFIRES the team.

You too can maximise this strategy of the dressing room. As the first half of this year winds up, consistently anticipate the next phase, critically evaluate the present with a heart of gratitude and consciously plan for the next phase.

And as you do this, ensure that you REFRESH your strategies, REFOCUS your goals and REFIRE your mind for good success in the second half of this year and beyond.

Your success is possible!

Pave your way into 2019


It’s always a thing of joy to see the end of a year, having experienced God’s amazing love and mercies for 365 or 366 days!

And as we end this year, we must choose to PRAISE God with a heart of gratitude. We must PLAN, PRAY and PREPARE diligently for the New Year.

In the New Year, we must PAINT a PICTURE of the future we desire and PAY the PRICE for the success we crave.

We must PUSH beyond our old boundaries, PRESS-ON into new levels and greater heights, POINT our focus to our PRIORITIES and PROFESS POSITIVELY.

We must PUT ourselves together, PROMOTE our strengths and PACKAGE our gifts to deliver them to our world.

We must PALLIATE stress and anxiety, PACIFY our souls and PARDON those who hurt and offend us.

We must PAIR-UP with PARTNERS that are PROGRESSIVE. We must PASSOVER mistakes, fears, excuses, failures and PROCRASTINATION.

We must PERFORM and PLAY our roles diligently as we birth our dreams in the New Year ahead of us!

Happy New Year!

Have a blessed season!!


© Somski1

An unending Christmas


It’s Christmas season again!

It’s the season when we celebrate the birth of Christ, God’s greatest gift to mankind.

It’s the season when the sound, fragrance and ambience of love and joy fills everywhere.

It’s the season when we share and give gifts of love to those around us.

Just like those lovely boxes wrapped around the Christmas tree with gifts in them waiting to be unboxed, there is a gift/talent wrapped in you. And if you will unbox the precious gift in you, serve it to your world and be a blessing to someone everyday, then you will truly have an unending Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Celebrate Christ, the reason for the season.

8 simple keys to a fruitful week



It’s a new week and it offers us 7 distinct days to live, work, achieve and become. However, we must not be casual about each week we step into but we must be intentional about the results we achieve.



So today I’ll share 8 simple keys to a fruitful week:



1. Review the previous week- find out what worked and what didn’t and why



2. Have a heart of gratitude- You must be grateful to God for life, health, wisdom, grace and the gift of a new week, you must also be benevolent.


3. Have a plan for the week- you must know what you intend to achieve in the new week, write it down as it will give you direction.



4. Break down your plans- It’s important to break it down to enable efficient accomplishments. Break it down into goals, objectives, strategies, targets and tasks.



5. Follow your plan to the later- After planning, it’s your responsibility to focus on your plan, execute diligently and refuse to be distracted.



6. Read, think, grow- As you go through your week ensure that you improve yourself by adding value. Expand your horizon, learn as much as you can, seek professional help too and grow.



7. Take care of you- You must find time to take care of you because your body is the vehicle of your purpose. Eat, rest, exercise and remain purposeful.



8. Plan for the new week- As long as you have expectations, you must have a plan to match it. Plan ahead for the coming week. Your plans must be clear and purposeful and without anxiety.



Use these simple keys, apply yourself diligently and unlock your success.



Feel free to share…




Every true father deserves to be honored, because the role of a father cannot be overemphasized.

A father is a source of strength and Inspiration to his children and he at all times deserves to be honored.

Everyone at one point or the other needs someone to behold- a father, a mentor, a role model.. and every father who plays these roles deserves to be honored.

The father, together with the mother should exemplify leadership, values and character for their children who in turn must learn to always honor their father and mother.

As the world celebrates the gift of fatherhood, i want to honor my dear Dad, Sir Sam Orji for being the best father there can ever be.

And to the many other father figures I have been extremely blessed with, I love and honor you all now and always.

Happy Father’s day to every father out there who is blazing the trail. May God bless and honor you!


More than diamonds


Women are special and unique creations of God and they truly deserve to be celebrated for all that they are and all that they do.

Every woman is created with the capacity to incubate and bring forth greatness.

I dare to say that the world will be incomplete without them.

So today, I want to celebrate every woman who in one way or the other is doing something to touch lives and change the world for better.

You are indeed worth more than diamonds.

Thank you for being strong, courageous, loving, patient and understanding.

Thank you also for taking giant steps to transform the world.

And for those who are or have been victims of any form of oppression, may you find your help.

For those who are weak, may you find your strength.

For those who are perplexed, may you find your way.

For those who are down, may you rise and soar.

For those who are sad and hurting, may you find love, peace and joy.

And may every woman emerge to become all they were created to be!


This piece is dedicated to my dearest mother, my sisters, my daughters, to my one and only GA and to all the women of value around me. I love and honour you all.