Staying relevant


It’s no longer news that the Covid 19 era is changing the face of things all across the globe and when things stabilize, certain aspects of normal life as we know it will never be the same again.

Already, smart folks are beginning  to review and adjust their systems and structures, many non-essentials are giving way, while the core essentials are being positioned and repositioned for relevance in the post covid 19 seasons ahead of us.

So what’s your position in this whole game? Where do you stand? Where’s the place of your brand and business in the industry?

You need to take some time to think, pray, plan and strategize winning ways to retain your relevance for long term.

Learn as much as you need to, check and follow global and local trends, refuse to just sit idle and lockdown your creativity.

If it has to be, then it’s up to you to make it happen.

Be phenomenal or be forgotten!

Staying positive


In a world where there’s sufficient negativity in the news, so much fear in the environment, so much misunderstanding in the community and so much panic in the economy, survival requires more than just sleeping and waking up.

You have to determine to stay positive in order to stay afloat and stay safe from the negativity that tends to overwhelm the world.

Staying positive in a negativity ridden world, is no mean feat but is possible!

Here’s how:

1. Draw closer to God. He offers Grace and peace beyond human ability.
2. Don’t lose your vision.
3. Consciously elevate and reposition your mind above the negativity in the world.
4. Feed your mind with positivity only. Choose what you see, hear and say.
5. Change your network and hang around people that breed positivity only.
6. Feed your Faith and starve your fears. Yes you must.
7. Deliberately focus on your strengths and not your weakness.
8. Be intentional about staying safe. It’s your responsibility.
9. Learn, plan and prepare of opportunities.
10. Shine your light. The world needs more of it.

Each positive mind is like a ray of light in the midst of the dark and the more positive people we have, we will create a strong beam of light that will defeat and conquer fear and negativity around us.

So, stay fearless, stay positive and shine your light!

After the storm


All across the world, it is not strange to hear of and experience crisis, challenges and turbulent moments, but the good news is that storms don’t last forever!

While it is good to anticipate challenging times and be prepared and positioned for survival, it is more important to prepare and position yourself for the life after the storm.

Storms usually bring about drastic changes, disruption in systems and creates a new normal. This is why you must prepare and be positioned to maneuver and remain relevant after the storm.

So you need to get thinking, you need to brainstorm and look critically into all aspects of your life and craft out timeless strategies that will position you and your business for relevance beyond the now.

A new world is emerging, theories and strategies are changing, economies are shifting but in all, God remains constant.

Time to act is now!


Be phenomenal or be forgotten!!!

Light at the end of the tunnel


Although the very beginning was chaotic, utterly dark and filled with emptiness, the surge of Divinity brought light, shape and order to the world

Still at several times, the earth seems to ache and the waters attempts to go over it bounds, yet with just one breath from Divinity, great waves are greatly calmed

Adversity will always try to raise it’s head and the adversary may try to raise his voice but the voice of Divinity will always still them all

So let’s not fear the length of the tunnel of our troubles nor the scary depth of our pain but choose to rise with faith and trust in the unflinching arms of the Almighty

For when we place our hope in Him and set our faces on Him, then we will see beyond the known and discover that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Cheer up, Jesus Christ is alive  and there is hope for you!

© Somski1.

Health is wealth


Growing up as a little boy, I always heard the saying “health is wealth” used to buttress the import of our health as humans. Searching through the holy scriptures, I also saw that it is God’s will for us to prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper.

These statements have made more sense to me and perhaps the whole world in the past few weeks as we’ve collectively witnessed a rise in the scourge of the Covid 19 epidemic, currently viewed as the greatest threat to the health and collective prosperity of the world.

With the swift spread of this virus, the world economy is under intense pressure, major cities and nations are shutting down and people going into compulsory isolation all in a bid to find survival.

It all boils down to one truth: “the healthier we are, the wealthier we can become”. So in the midst of all these:

• Let’s maintain good personal hygiene

•Let’s ensure our health is in tact

•Let’s reach out and show love to our friends, family and neighbours while maintaining social distance at least by phone calls, mobile chats and sms.

•Let’s draw closer to our maker, be sensitive to the Spirit and seek His face now more than ever before

•Let’s pray for and support all those on the frontline of action and service

•Let’s choose faith over fear, fear not but have faith in God

•Let’s stay positive, utilize our time wisely to plan, prepare and position ourselves for the best

•Let’s stay safe and remain grateful for the gift of life and good health.

At the end of it all, we will win this battle.

Every life is precious!

Creativity has evolved


Growing up as a little boy, I saw most people give expression to their creative prowess in several ways.

Most of us had so much fun rolling tyres around, building sandy and muddy houses, among others, just to give expression to our innate creative abilities. Most times, our ‘inventions’ got the attention of the neighborhood.

While it’s okay to reminisce on all that, it’s important to understand that creativity has evolved, as nobody will today applaud anyone for building sandy or muddy houses. Neither will you be famous for making paper boats or rolling tyres around.

The world is waiting to celebrate cutting-edge inventions and disruptive ideas that will transform entire systems, cities and economies.

The same mind that imagined a paper boat years ago and made it, has the ability to conceive the next big and disruptive idea. The only trouble is that most people threw away their creativity and let the pressures of life and career choke their God-given ability to dream, create and succeed.

There’s gold inside of you and you must let it out!

It’s your responsibility to engage your mind deeply to create timeless, disruptive and cutting-edge solutions that will transform our world.

Yes you can!

Your world of possibilities


Recently, Richard Branson, one of the world’s admired business moguls and CEO of the Virgin Group, shared a story of how, at age 27, he desired to start a cruise liner. At 70, after about 43 years of working diligently and not giving up, he is launching his cruise line: Virgin Voyage.

As I read his story, I began to ask myself whether I can keep my faith alive on my dream for a long time as 43 years until it becomes a reality.

As I pondered on this, it dawned on me that the world of possibilities is only accessible to dreamers who refuse to give up on their dreams.

You too can make yours a world of possibilities where dreams become realities when you engage the potent forces of faith, patience and diligence.

Your dreams are valid, don’t give up, keep working!

Last but not the least


By divine happenstance, we’ve come to the last Monday of the last week of the last month of the year. Nonetheless, it’s only the last but it’s not the least.

Great things happen at the last lap. Teams even get to win their games at the injury time and at the last minute, miracles happen.

So don’t give up. Stay strong, stay alive, stay confident.

Yes, it’s the last and not the least, so don’t expect anything less because you can gain a lot from your seeming loss.

Be grateful for the last period of the year and be hopeful for the new year just ahead of you.

After all is said and done, you’re a winner!

Cheers to your success!!!

Fragrance of success


There’s a very popular story in the Holy Bible about a certain lady who had an alabaster box that contained a very expensive ointment.

One day, she met Jesus Christ and took one of the most important decisions of her life: to break her alabaster box and pour her treasured ointment on Jesus Christ. This action changed the course of her life forever!

Just like this lady, many of us have our treasures, dreams, ideas and potentials still boxed up. Besides, the fragrance of our talents, gifts and strengths remain unexplored.

Instead of just admiring your alabaster box and the treasures in it, you can choose to break it. Let out your treasures and the fragrance of your dreams for the good of humanity.

Never take your life for granted!!!


Life is a precious gift which should never be taken for granted simply because you can effortlessly breathe, sleep, wake, eat and move.

People who do not trivialize life easily recognise opportunities. Since, success is not an accidental gift, only intentional individuals get it!

Most people have missed opportunities, delayed their accomplishments and have buried their dreams because they took life for granted.

If you truly want to be successful and achieve your greatness then you can’t afford to take your life for granted for a second. You must be intentional about living.