Grow your value


Once upon a time in a certain village, a farmer planted a tree and nurtured it consistently and intentionally.

In the process of time, the tree began to grow until it became one of the biggest and most valuable trees in the community. Its leaves were medicinal, its fruits sumptuous and nutritious with very large branches that provided shade for people who walked along its path.

Just like that tree, you too can become a person of value and impact, if you intentionally nurture the seed of greatness in you and serve your gift to your world.

The world is waiting to celebrate you.

Make an impact.

Be intentional about it!


The CAN-DO spirit


One of my favourite quotes from the Holy Bible is found in the letter of Saint Paul to the believers in Philippi, wherein he said, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”.

Growing up as a little boy, I memorized this verse but beyond just memorizing it, I was conditioning my mind for all-round success. Each time I said to myself, “I can do all things”, my mind kept possessing the I-can-do-all-things attitude — an attitude of possibility and success.

Our thoughts and words play a very critical role in determining our success in life. If you think and say you can, then you can. But if you think and say otherwise, you may end up achieving nothing.

Regardless of what’s facing you and regardless of what people say about you, what you think and say is more important.

• They said to David: Goliath is a warrior and a giant, but he (David) said he could do all things, and he eventually conquered the giant and became victorious.

• They said to the Wright brothers: Humans can’t fly, but they (the Wrights) said they could do all things, and they went ahead to invent the aeroplane.

• They said to Barak Obama: You’re but a Negro, but he (Obama) said that he could do all things, and he went ahead to become the first black president of America.

There are no impossibilities anywhere except the ones we create in our minds.

No more limitations!


Take action and succeed.

Birth your Greatness out of nothing!!!


One thing that has constantly stunned the world is how that greatness emerges out of nothingness!

Out of some of the most impossible backgrounds and situations of life, many of which perfectly fits the “can any good thing come out of Nazareth?” question, phenomenal men and women have risen out of obscurity to fame. They have stunned the world with amazing and excellent results of their gifts, strengths and talents.

Here are some examples:

Jack Ma — from the slums of Asia to one of the world’s reputable billionaires

Queen Hadassah — from a poor Hebrew orphan to Queen of the great Persian empire

Steve Harris — from being a 2-time college dropout to Nigeria’s leading life and business strategist

Two underlining factors of these people are: The God-factor and their diligence.

So, don’t be discouraged, don’t be distracted, keep working, keep learning, keep grinding, keep cultivating diligently, keep growing and don’t stop trusting in God until you begin to reap your harvest of excellent results that will stun your world.

Don’t stop!

Out of the box


In course of my interaction with people, as a life and business coach, I have observed that many people are limited, simply because they have a fixed mindset and have failed to think out of the box.

A box is a container which is usually enclosed, making it difficult for continuous growth, expansion and enlargement. All those who love to remain boxed don’t think beyond all they’ve known, thereby limiting their potentials and celebrating ordinary as ultimate.

If you must achieve your greatness and reach your full potential, then you must step out of the box in order to think out of the box. You must see out of the box and reach out of the box.

Enough of the conformity!

Enough of the ignorance!

No more limits!

Success doesn’t reside within the box, only mediocrity does.

Step out of that box now and reach for your greatness!

© Somski1

Grow, Lead, Succeed


One of life’s greatest discoveries is that man was designed and created to grow, lead, and succeed.

However, the limit to which you grow, lead and succeed is largely dependent on how much responsibility you are willing to take for your life and for all you do.

Wherever you are in life today is as a result of leadership: someone led you there: either you or someone responsible for you.

The core essence of leadership is to birth transformation. So, every facet of our society (schools, families, religious centers, marketplaces, and so on) is in dire need of good leadership.

You were born with the capacity to lead and to influence the world with your gifts, talents and strength.

The world is waiting for you!

Take responsibility today.

Grow, lead, and succeed.

The world is waiting for you!!!


Have you ever been at an airport to receive a special guest? You’d have realized that right there at the airport were others, also anticipating the arrival of their own guest or loved one. They awaited with an attitude of great expectation.

If, eventually, the flight failed to arrive as and when due, the whole atmosphere became beclouded with disappointment.

That’s exactly how it is right now!

The world is awaiting the arrival of your greatness.

The world is earnestly waiting to drink from the wealthy stream of your gifts, with which you’ve been equipped to bless humanity.

Your nation is waiting.

Your family is waiting.

Your friends are waiting.

Even your enemies are also waiting.

Everyone is waiting to feel the warmth that comes from the shine of your greatness!

And time is ticking…

So, will you MANIFEST or will you DISAPPOINT?

It’s up to you.

Blunt edges


Abraham Lincoln once said that if he had six hours to cut down a tree, he would spend the first four hours sharpening his axe. This mean that engaging in an activity is not as important as preparing for that activity.

It is amazing how people begin activities and projects unprepared, but still expect to succeed.

One reason why many people are far from greatness is because they are trying to chop down the tree before them with blunt axes. They, therefore, end up exerting so much energy only to achieve little or no results.

What activities, events, and projects have you scheduled for this week?

Have you sharpened your axe well enough for efficiency, effectiveness, and positive results?

Are you prepared for the success you desire?