Your best means


Very recently, in one of my flight experiences, I paid keen attention to the pilot as he gave several information about the flight, letting us know our height at flight, the distance covered and all that.

I also observed that at the exact time we expected to touch down, the rear tires touched the ground and the plane began to taxi to its halt.

As we received the pilot’s welcome and thank you notes and disembarked from the plane, it dawned on me that our means often determines a lot about the process and the results we achieve in life.

While I flew to my destination, some other individuals drove down to the same destination but we certainly did not have same experiences and processes, although we may have similar results (arriving at same destination). I arrived earlier and a lot easier than the person who came by road.

So, while you define your preferred destination in life, it is your responsibility to discern and choose wisely what your best means of arriving your destination would be, as your means determines your processes and results.

Cheers to your success!


Born to be great


There is one common path which everyone must tread; that is the experience of childhood — so amazing and memorable!

For some people, it is filled with pleasant memories but for others, it lacks the pleasantness experienced by the former. Whatever be your experiences, one thing is certain: every child was born with the potentials of greatness.

As we celebrate children all over the world, let us commit to the wholesome growth of every child around us and help them come into the truth of their existence.

Let them come into their purpose and destiny and give their lives a significant meaning.

Let us be to them role models worthy of emulation.

Let us help them find wisdom that propels them for exploits.

Let us teach them values and the culture of greatness that will mould them to become builders and not destroyers.

Let us help them find hope, love, and faith that make all things possible.

Truly, children are gifts from God Almighty to our families, communities, and nation.

Every child was born to be great and deserves the very best.

Let us give them our best!

Happy children’s day to every child. Live your purpose!

Finding hope…


Like an ocean, so wide and deep
With an unending view of waters that cover the sea and the blue sky up above

So is life, full of numerous adventures, events, seasons and activities

There are times when sailing along the ocean of life is fun and beautiful
But there are also those times when life seems to be lonely and disastrous.

When the waters get turbulent,
When the storms and tempests arise and tend to ravage the peace of the voyage,

When it seems like you’re in the middle of nowhere,
All by yourself and the rest of life seems far away from you,

When it seems like your compass has lost its bearing
And you can’t find direction and get yourself to a safe haven

When the brightness of your lamp seems to fade
When your light turns dark and your morning feels like night

You’re left with just two options:
Give in to defeat, fear and hopelessness or
Be courageous, rise with faith and call upon God, the Creator of the universe.

Howbeit, the fearful and hopeless will be consumed by the tempest and are soon forgotten
But the courageous and faith-driven will find Grace, become tough to face the storm and navigate through the tempest.

They will remain alive and become stronger to tell the story of their conquest and they will be celebrated as world heroes who remained tenacious and courageous even in the midst of storms.

Which will you rather be? The fearful or the courageous?