An unending Christmas


It’s Christmas season again!

It’s the season when we celebrate the birth of Christ, God’s greatest gift to mankind.

It’s the season when the sound, fragrance and ambience of love and joy fills everywhere.

It’s the season when we share and give gifts of love to those around us.

Just like those lovely boxes wrapped around the Christmas tree with gifts in them waiting to be unboxed, there is a gift/talent wrapped in you. And if you will unbox the precious gift in you, serve it to your world and be a blessing to someone everyday, then you will truly have an unending Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Celebrate Christ, the reason for the season.





Every true father deserves to be honored, because the role of a father cannot be overemphasized.

A father is a source of strength and Inspiration to his children and he at all times deserves to be honored.

Everyone at one point or the other needs someone to behold- a father, a mentor, a role model.. and every father who plays these roles deserves to be honored.

The father, together with the mother should exemplify leadership, values and character for their children who in turn must learn to always honor their father and mother.

As the world celebrates the gift of fatherhood, i want to honor my dear Dad, Sir Sam Orji for being the best father there can ever be.

And to the many other father figures I have been extremely blessed with, I love and honor you all now and always.

Happy Father’s day to every father out there who is blazing the trail. May God bless and honor you!


We are Children of Destiny!


One of the greatest blessings of life is the blessing of childhood.

Children are so special

Children are beautiful

Children are God’s gift

Children deserve to have the best!

And any Nation that despises their children invariably despises their future.

As we prepare the future for our children, we must also prepare our children for the future.

Children carry great deposits of potential that reveal their unalloyed greatness and it is our responsibility to help their greatness within to find expression without.

Therefore, teach a child, don’t despise.

Raise a child, don’t abuse.

Love a child, don’t hate.

Bless a child, don’t curse..

We are all children of destiny!


This is in commemoration of the world Children’s day celebration..

More than diamonds


Women are special and unique creations of God and they truly deserve to be celebrated for all that they are and all that they do.

Every woman is created with the capacity to incubate and bring forth greatness.

I dare to say that the world will be incomplete without them.

So today, I want to celebrate every woman who in one way or the other is doing something to touch lives and change the world for better.

You are indeed worth more than diamonds.

Thank you for being strong, courageous, loving, patient and understanding.

Thank you also for taking giant steps to transform the world.

And for those who are or have been victims of any form of oppression, may you find your help.

For those who are weak, may you find your strength.

For those who are perplexed, may you find your way.

For those who are down, may you rise and soar.

For those who are sad and hurting, may you find love, peace and joy.

And may every woman emerge to become all they were created to be!


This piece is dedicated to my dearest mother, my sisters, my daughters, to my one and only GA and to all the women of value around me. I love and honour you all.


The Love-Life


Love is a beautiful thing and undoubtedly one of the most potent forces in the world today, yet it is one of the most misconceived ideas about life.

As simple as it sounds, the effect of genuine Love is everlasting.

Made by Love, marked by Love and kept by Love, when we receive God’s love in our hearts, we are enabled to make our world a better place by sharing His Love and His Life with people around us, making all things bright and beautiful.

Let’s therefore determine to Live, to Love God and to Love our neighbors as ourselves.

Let’s choose the Love-Life!



Christmas, Love & Gratitude


Yaay!   It’s Christmas day today and we all know that this is a season of Love and Gratitude, when the whole world commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ.

We must begin by receiving the love of God in our hearts, because it is this Love that made Him send His Son Jesus for the eternal redemption of man.

We must also be grateful for this love that qualifies us to be recipients of God’s grace and blessings.

In reciprocation, we must also show love to others and learn to love our neighbors as ourselves, we must also be grateful to God for the privilege of seeing the end of 2017 and moving on to 2018 and other prosperous years to come.

And as we celebrate and enjoy this season, we must spread the love of God and make a difference in the lives of people around us.

We must not forget to plan, set and review our goals, strategize and prepare to step into 2018, a year of greater impact.

I must also say a big thank you, to all of you who have been a huge part of my life in 2017. Let’s do more in 2018.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2018!!!

I love you!

The Power of Creative Collaboration


Everyone on the pathway to success must know this profound truth:

“One is too small a number to achieve greatness”

This is why a tree can never make a forest and nothing can ever be fruitful by itself.

Humans are created with the ability to relate, network and collaborate with each other because no man is complete by himself.

As long as the earth remains, we would always need each other:

White needs black, sun needs moon, day needs night, man needs woman and so on because Together Everyone Achieves More.

If our systems (personal, organizational, governmental and societal) must be efficient enough, we must have capacity for creative collaboration and effective networking, for in it we will find strength in our purpose and foster our creative possibilities, in order to withstand any opposing force that tends to undermine our collective goal of existence, creativity and fulfillment.

Let’s live together!

Let’s build together!!

Let’s win together!!!