Don’t overload!!!


In the part of the world where I live, it is not strange to find overloaded vehicles along the road, often with goods and people. For one who is safety conscious, this is not a pleasurable sight to behold.

Each time a vehicle is overloaded, the original capacity of that vehicle is put under pressure, reducing it’s speed power and sometimes causing it to break down. Overloading is not a characteristic of success!

So, as you move towards your success this year and beyond, don’t bite more than you can chew. Don’t attempt to lift what’s beyond your carrying capacity. Don’t try to achieve all your goals at a time; rather set your goals smartly and take them one at a time.

This way, you can build more capacity, maintain your altitude and speed power. Most importantly, you won’t break down.

Success leap


Here’s another season when we record 366 days in the year, instead of the conventional 365 days. This comes to us once in four years.

2020 is a leap year and this year, those born on the 29th of February can mark and celebrate their unique birthday.

Amid the myths and beliefs about the leap year, you must not fail to identify and maximize the opportunities that come with it.

The additional day in this year gives us an additional opportunity to succeed.

Yes, you can have a quantum success leap over every limits, set backs and barriers into the place of your greatness.

So, you must be intentional, diligent and focused on having quantum success leaps this year and beyond.

Cheers to your success!

Last but not the least


By divine happenstance, we’ve come to the last Monday of the last week of the last month of the year. Nonetheless, it’s only the last but it’s not the least.

Great things happen at the last lap. Teams even get to win their games at the injury time and at the last minute, miracles happen.

So don’t give up. Stay strong, stay alive, stay confident.

Yes, it’s the last and not the least, so don’t expect anything less because you can gain a lot from your seeming loss.

Be grateful for the last period of the year and be hopeful for the new year just ahead of you.

After all is said and done, you’re a winner!

Cheers to your success!!!

Before the race starts…

Before stepping into a new season, it is needful to evaluate the concluding one. A proper evaluation includes an expression of gratitude to God and an accounting of valuable lessons learnt.

This should arm you with a better vision for the new season which will also require strategic planning.

Overall, you need faith and commensurate action to birth the results you desire to have in the new season.

Don’t step into a new season casually. Combine the forces of gratitude, visioning, planning, faith and action to create a fantastic output in the new year.

On the pathway to a new year


A pathway is a route that enables movement from one place to another.

For our journeys in life, there are various pathways to our desired destinations. However, while some pathways conform to our personal ethics and moral dispositions, others do not, even if they are capable of leading someone to the same destination.

As we journey into the new year (2020), it’s important to ask:

1. Do I have a clear plan for my journey?
2. Do I have a clear and right direction?
3. Am I on the right pathway?

You certainly need these resources for your journey’s success. Don’t journey into 2020 without them.

Be properly guided!!!



Recently, I listened to a song by one of my favourite rock bands, Casting Crowns. I was struck by the following line in their song: “she is running 100 miles per hour in the wrong direction…”.

As I continued to think on that line, it dawned on me that inasmuch as speed is good for every journey, direction is more important.

What is the need of generating so much energy for speed only to have it wasted because you are moving in the wrong direction?

Many people are not successful in life just because they’ve been in the wrong direction.

But as you move to make this year your best year, ensure that you get the right direction and be properly guided for your journey because your direction determines your destination.


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19 lies you must not believe in 2019


Many people are limited in life simply because of what they choose to believe.

Your belief creates your philosophy and expectations that births your reality.

If you truly want to conquer in this year, here are 19 lies you must never believe or accept:

1. Success is for a select few: The only person that can exclude or include you in the game of success is you. There’s space in the sky for every star to shine.

2. There are no opportunities this year: Only lazy failures accept this trash! Ask for opportunities, Seek it diligently, Knock on its doors until they open up for you.

3. The economy is opposed to you: This is so unwise to accept because millions of people succeed daily in the same economy, why won’t you?

4. You don’t need a dream/vision/plan to succeed: How can you succeed when you never pictured it and how can you win when you never prepared for it? Be wise!

5. You are disadvantaged: Many people celebrated across the world today were said to be disadvantaged but they became deaf to that saying and have succeeded tremendously. Do you still think you’re disadvantaged?

6. You don’t have a purpose: Many people who think so of themselves never rise out of obscurity. God is no waster, if He had no purpose for your life, you wouldn’t have been created.

7. You’re self sufficient: This is a mediocre thought. Did you create yourself? Did you breastfeed yourself? What makes you think you can succeed all by yourself?

8. You are empty: If you still believe that you have nothing to offer to your world, then you have no reason to be alive and you may just die a nobody.

9. You’re destined to be average: That’s what the racist used to think of the Blacks until the latter proved them wrong, excelled and became the best in various fields of endeavor. You too, regardless of your background, can rise to the top and be the best.

10. You have all the time in the world: This is so laughable because time, they say, waits for no one. Every moment counts: waste your time and waste your life.

11. You have no need for growth and improvement: When you stop growing, you increase your irrelevance, the world leaves you behind and you start dying.

12. You’re too young to make an impact: The world is governed by impact makers, both old and young. Many young people have changed the course of things through disruptive innovations. What are you waiting for?

13. You can’t be a leader: Then you will die a follower and never realize your true potential. You can become a leader when you take responsibility for the change you want.

14. You need someone’s approval to succeed: You may never find that person because the world system has no place to accommodate a mediocre in the game of success. You only need your approval to succeed!

15. You can’t break that negative cycle: If you think so and choose to live with what is killing you, then you will keep depreciating in value by the day. But you can break that cycle and step into victory.

16. There’s an elevator to success: No way! No shortcut! There are only steps you must take, prices you must pay, principles you must follow to succeed.

17. It’s not about the container but the content: Another lie! Your body is the container of your life on earth, if it breaks down, your life breaks down. Therefore, personal hygiene, body fitness and sound health must be your priority.

18. You don’t deserve love, joy and forgiveness: This is sadly one cause of depression, self hurt and suicide. Regardless of how bad or hard you think it is, it can get better. You can be loved, forgiven and have your joy back when you place your life in the hands of God.

19. You don’t need God: This is the worst lie to accept. It is just like believing that a fish don’t need water to live. How else can you survive and succeed without the mercy and grace of God? How else will you experience miracles and favour that beat scientific and economic theories? There’s truly no life without God.

You can’t afford to live another year in falsehood. Rise above these lies, discover the truth, live by it and succeed.
Cheers to your success!!!
© Somski1

Pave your way into 2019


It’s always a thing of joy to see the end of a year, having experienced God’s amazing love and mercies for 365 or 366 days!

And as we end this year, we must choose to PRAISE God with a heart of gratitude. We must PLAN, PRAY and PREPARE diligently for the New Year.

In the New Year, we must PAINT a PICTURE of the future we desire and PAY the PRICE for the success we crave.

We must PUSH beyond our old boundaries, PRESS-ON into new levels and greater heights, POINT our focus to our PRIORITIES and PROFESS POSITIVELY.

We must PUT ourselves together, PROMOTE our strengths and PACKAGE our gifts to deliver them to our world.

We must PALLIATE stress and anxiety, PACIFY our souls and PARDON those who hurt and offend us.

We must PAIR-UP with PARTNERS that are PROGRESSIVE. We must PASSOVER mistakes, fears, excuses, failures and PROCRASTINATION.

We must PERFORM and PLAY our roles diligently as we birth our dreams in the New Year ahead of us!

Happy New Year!

Have a blessed season!!


© Somski1