The Power of Creative Collaboration


Everyone on the pathway to success must know this profound truth:

“One is too small a number to achieve greatness”

This is why a tree can never make a forest and nothing can ever be fruitful by itself.

Humans are created with the ability to relate, network and collaborate with each other because no man is complete by himself.

As long as the earth remains, we would always need each other:

White needs black, sun needs moon, day needs night, man needs woman and so on because Together Everyone Achieves More.

If our systems (personal, organizational, governmental and societal) must be efficient enough, we must have capacity for creative collaboration and effective networking, for in it we will find strength in our purpose and foster our creative possibilities, in order to withstand any opposing force that tends to undermine our collective goal of existence, creativity and fulfillment.

Let’s live together!

Let’s build together!!

Let’s win together!!!



It was Children’s day in Nigeria two days ago and truth be told, we are all “CHILDREN OF DESTINY” because we were all born as children, we have unique and great destinies and we carry in us destiny potentials.

As I took a walk around town, I could observe children of all shades- those who participated in various schools and churches activities to mark their day, those who visited recreational parks, eateries and malls and off course those who were on the streets hawking stuff for survival, I also remembered those suffering from abuse of all sorts.

I was moved to tears  when I sighted two little boys hawking “pure-water” on their heads at a very popular junction on my way to attend a training in the city of Port Harcourt and I said to myself:

If only they can know that regardless of their present situation, they carry a destiny seed in them that can be cultivated to germinate and raise them to greatness, then they will not let their background keep their backs on the ground but will see obstacles as hurdles and determine to be great.

In the words of my mentor Fela Durotoye, “As we build and prepare the future for our children, we must also build prepare our children for the future”

We must therefore become role models worthy of emulation, to inspire hope and fuel courage in them to birth their success and the success of a brighter future.

Raise a child, Don’t abuse!

Help a child, Don’t despise!!

Love a child, Don’t hate!!!

Happy celebration to all CHILDREN OF DESTINY.

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Will You Evolve or Regress?


Irrelevance has always been and will always be the final destination of a person, thing or place that lacks continuous improvement.

This is why products are rebranded and even places are facelifted in the process of time.

Manufacturers always develop new and improved models and versions of their products, to meet the trend and ensure effective competition in the market.

If you are a product and the world around you is your market, what are you offering them and how relevant are you in today’s market?

If you must remain relevant to your world, both now and in the future, you MUST constantly improve by transforming yourself.

Let your good be better and your better best.

It’s your responsibility to constantly evolve into a better you.

If you’re not UPDATED, you’ll certainly be OUTDATED, and so will you EVOLVE or REGRESS?

The choice is yours!

#Transform #Evolve #Update #Improve #BeRelevant

Profound Life, Leadership & Business Lessons from the Tower of Babel


Nimrod was a mighty and prosperous man who lived many years ago and had an idea, to build a mega city with a skyscraper that would reach to heaven.

He shared his dream with his people and soon, they organized themselves and mobilized resources for the construction of this mega city, primarily to settle there and make a name for themselves.

Nimrod and his mega idea can be likened to the famous ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Al-Maktoum, and his mega idea of transforming Dubai by implementing nearly-impossible ideas.

Looking through the story of the tower of Babel, I discovered certain profound lessons from their successes and failures worth sharing:


  1. VISION: They had a dream/vision
  2. LEADERSHIP: They believed in their leadership and in the dream
  3. GOAL: They were united with a common goal
  4. MUTUAL AGREEMENT: They had a common language and a possibility mindset
  5. PLANNING: They understood their needs and had a workable plan of action
  6. TEAMWORK: They valued and practiced effective teamwork
  7. FOCUS & ACTION: They took actionable steps and focused on their plan of execution


  1. PURPOSE: They misaligned themselves from divine purpose
  2. COMFORT: They let their state of comfort impede their sense of progress
  3. PRIDE: They let their quest for fame to breed self-centeredness and this led to their failure.

Now, we can learn from their successes, note and avoid their errors and build the capacity needed to bring our dreams to fruition.

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reference: Genesis 10:9-10, 11:1-9

What if Recession never ends?


In my dear country Nigeria, the word recession has become so familiar, that even a nursery school kid can say a thing or two about it, but the truth is that recession is a global phenomenon.

However, in the midst of recession and all other forms of crisis, golden opportunities exist for only serious minded people who are prepared to recognize and maximize them.

In the midst of the crisis, many would be Blaming, Complaining, Criticizing and Giving Excuses and end up at the same level they were before the crisis.

Great minds on the other hand, will busy themselves with the task of Learning, Value Creation, Collaboration, Opportunity search or Creation, Effectively Maximizing opportunities, Leading their lives Forward and Making 360° Profit.

You have the power to choose your side of the divide, because time will soon reveal where you truly belong and show the difference between the Slothful and the Diligent.

Tough times never last, but tough people do!

It’s up to you.

Choose to chase your greatness, recession or no recession.

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Let’s Deliver the Future

I met a man in 2009, i sat under him and was blessed by his teachings. I had listened to his teachings in 2006 and prayed to meet him and then came 2010 when Pastor Jerry Eze Invited KING FELA DUROTOYE to umuahia for Real Men;Real blessings program. It was so transformational and impactful. FD is a great man, a Kingdom, Institutional, Nation, Generational Builder. He is one of Africa’s greatest mind activators and Motivational speakers, highly sought after, a consultant extraordinaire, the CEO of Visible Impact. He has achieved great success in nation building projects and the current program is GEMSTONE 2025, a network of transformational leaders that will change Nigeria into the world’s most desirable nation to live in by December 31 2025. You can choose to believe and join the vision or ‘siddon look’ and watch the change happen and overtake you. If you are desperate for a change and you believe in Nigeria, then come on and lets DELIVER THE FUTURE, let’s TRANSFORM NIGERIA. follow on twitter @WeAreGEMSTONE, on Facebook: Gemstone2025. We are a Generation Motivated and Stirred To Operate with Natural Excellence.