A new page for your success


Each new day offers us fresh opportunities to make necessary changes, re-write the stories of our lives, dot our i’s and cross our t’s.

A new day offers us a new chance to mend faulty areas, strengthen relevant bonds and break up irrelevant ties.

A new day gives us the privilege and courage to rise from our falls, start afresh, review our goals, restrategize, make better moves and hit our targets.

A new day gives us the opportunity to unlearn, re-learn, grow, apply ourselves diligently and become better versions of ourselves.

While we have a new day, we must realize that nothing moves until it is moved. So, you must resolve to take responsibility for your life and maximize this new day to be the best you can be and achieve your greatness.

Have a beautiful day!


Shine your eyes!!!


Everyone loves and wants to have opportunities. Opportunities may come in fine-looking apparels such as favourable circumstances. It may also come in work clothes such as challenges that need solutions.

However, most people lose their opportunities for various reasons: inability to recognize them, unpreparedness to maximize them, among other reasons.

Those who have made indelible marks on the sand of time have learnt the skill of identifying and maximizing opportunities and you too can.

There are opportunities everywhere, waiting to be found.

You must therefore be observant and proactive in all things. In our local parlance, we would say: Shine your eyes!

It’s your responsibility to find them, maximize them and let your greatness emerge.







How far can you see?


In a coaching session with a new client, I asked him: “what will be the state of your business in twenty years?” He sat back, starred at me, tried to think for a while, then said to me: “sincerely sir, I have never thought about this”.

So I began to share with him about the gift of far-sightedness and how it is one unique factor that makes people great and relevant.

Many people are short-sighted in their reasoning, they don’t see or think beyond the immediate; consequently, their success is short-lived.

You will possess as far as you can see. While we must appreciate the present, we must realize that there is a future which must be captured in a mental picture. After capturing it, effective planning and strategy will keep you positioned for opportunities.

Far-sightedness is a gift and a quality that can be cultivated and optimized to achieve greatness.

How far can you see?

Go for it


A close study of certain animals reveals that they stand out in their world because they have a unique ability to tactically respond to their instinct, take corresponding action and get what they want.

When they want something, they go all out for it, focusing all their energy on their goal until it is accomplished.

They don’t take no for an answer, they become insensitive to distractions, they bear and absorb the pain and remain tenacious as they go for it, and in the end they feel accomplished as they get set to hit another target, one at a time..

So as you set out to succeed this week, realize that your dreams and goals are achievable.

Remain tenacious and optimistic, don’t get distracted, focus your energy rightly, get understanding, be patient, take corresponding actions and go for it- one goal at a time.

Yes, it’s possible..

Go for it!

From desire to success: how to birth your dreams


Many people desire to succeed in all they do. This desire is not wrong, but by the desire alone, you cannot become successful, since success is not accidental.

So, beyond the Desire for success, there must be a Decision to succeed and after the decision, there must be a Determination and after the determination, there must be a Doing that creates the processes that make success possible.

Here’s how it works:
 Desire creates the aspirations
 Decision gives a clear resolve
 Determination brings about the attitude
 Doing births achievements and amazing results.

So accept no excuses. Refuse to procrastinate. You too can succeed!

EXPECTATIONS: how to birth your success


When a farmer plants a seed, he becomes expectant of the harvest. When a woman gets pregnant, she becomes expectant of the birth of her baby. It is this expectation that makes the farmer continue cultivating the seed planted until he sees the harvest. Similarly, the woman undergoes due antenatal processes all in preparation to receive her baby.

Now, where there’s no expectation, there’s no preparation and where there’s no preparation, there’s no success and this explains why a lot of people fail to succeed.

People who succeed are those who anticipate success and put on an attitude of preparedness that makes them work towards their expectations.

So, never begin a new day, a new week or a new season of your life without expecting to win and succeed. Also, never have expectations without working diligently towards them.

Cheers to your greatness!

Get wisdom


One of the wisest men who lived and walked the surface of the earth was King Solomon of ancient Israel. History tells so much of his unequivocal wisdom and wealth to which he gave the credits to his supernatural encounters with God.

His words, songs, and counsels were so full of wisdom that thousands of years after he lived, billions of people around the world today still read and make reference to them as they remain relevant to present day realities; what awesome wisdom!

Wisdom is simply the application of godly knowledge and Solomon in one of his books wrote: “Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom and in all your getting, get understanding”. He spoke as a man who explored and walked in uncommon realms and dimensions of wisdom.

Wisdom will always set a person apart from the crowd.

In a world like ours where the ordinary is becoming a norm, we all need wisdom to set us apart in all we do.

This wisdom is not farfetched. King Solomon tells us that we have a responsibility to ‘Get Wisdom’. Wisdom is readily available in various information packages: books, audio/visuals and other proven materials that are “gettable”.

So if you want to stand out and be distinguished among others, you need to “Get wisdom” and apply it intentionally.