Success with no limits



I recently took a walk around my vicinity, observing how the leaves of a particular tree were littered all over the place. I then also discovered that the leaves had undergone discolouration; they were dry. That was a subtle reminder to me that we are now experiencing the harmattan season.

In as much as it is a common feature of this season that trees lose their leaves and productivity because of the lack of moisture in the soil, among other factors, wise farmers have learnt to utilize the irrigation system to water their soil and ensure the productivity of their farms, regardless of the season.

Just like a tree that is planted by the riverside, which yields its fruits in all seasons, you too need to have a system in place that guarantees success for you, with no limits.

So, what’s your plan for growth and success in this season and the seasons ahead?

Do you have a success system?



Plan for success


Success means different things to different people. While many leave their success to chance, some others have learnt to plan and properly position themselves for it.

Jesus Christ explained one of the unbreakable principles of planning and strategy when He said that a person who wishes to build a house must first sit down and count the cost, to be sure that he has what it takes to begin and finish the building.

A good plan is like a road map. It not only shows the final destination but also the way to get there. So, as we approach a new year, you need to set goals and draw up a plan that clearly shows the path of action you must take to achieve those goals in the new year and beyond. This is the pathway to success.

Tomorrow is now!!!


Few months ago, a friend of mine announced on his Facebook page that he had moved his focus from 2018 to 2019.


While some people felt it was too early to talk about focusing on the year ahead of us, I felt that my friend had made one of his best decisions. Besides, while I was speaking at a conference last month, I also announced to my audience that I had already stepped into 2019.


My audience starred at me awfully; then I began to explain to them that “Tomorrow is now”.


While many people wait for tomorrow to happen to them, others who have learned to take advantage of their “now” happen to tomorrow.


Dr. Myles Munroe puts it this way, “If you fail to plan for the future, you have planned to fail in the future”.


Don’t be a part of the wandering generality who leave their lives to chance and are casual about their future; instead, choose to be a part of the few who are intentional about their lives.


If you really want to win tomorrow, don’t wait for tomorrow to show up before you prepare to win; rather cease the moment to prepare for the success of tomorrow. Moreover, if you want to win in 2019, avoid the continuous distractions of 2018 or even the previous years. Look ahead and plan for success in 2019.

Stay focused


In the words of the Biblical King Solomon, to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. There is a time to begin and a time to conclude.


As we begin to conclude this year that has brought many memorable experiences, we must choose to stay focused because focus remains a constant ingredient for success.


We must stay focused on our visions, goals, and dreams, and we must stay focused on winning, regardless of the discouragements, controversies, and distractions around us.


At the same time, we must also engage the forces of wisdom, faith, and diligence to ensure a beautiful conclusion of this year and an amazing commencement of the year ahead of us.



Very recently, I read a news from one of my favorite news websites about a man who has achieved a great feat and it’s worth sharing.


Mohammed Abubakar joined the aviation industry in Nigeria some 24 years ago as an aircraft cleaner but that wasn’t his final destination because he had a dream…


He obviously couldn’t afford his luxurious dream at the time, but he chose to be relentless in his pursuit towards his dream.


He obviously would have had the roughest of times working as a cleaner but he chose not to throw away his tomorrow over the frustrations of yesterday.


He kept his dream alive


He kept his passion burning


He kept his hands diligent and kept taking those little steps of faith towards his greatness.


And after 24 years, he rose from obscurity to significance as he watched his dream come true, from an aircraft cleaner to a qualified pilot!


Today he is wears a captain’s badge and carries out flight operations for one of the famous airlines in Nigeria.


As you read his story and admire his accomplishments, you must realize that “pursuit is the proof of desire”, so never let the pains of the past or present stifle the hope of the future.


Dreams come true!


You must be and remain R E L E N T L E S S in your pursuit until you watch your dream become reality.


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8 simple keys to a fruitful week



It’s a new week and it offers us 7 distinct days to live, work, achieve and become. However, we must not be casual about each week we step into but we must be intentional about the results we achieve.



So today I’ll share 8 simple keys to a fruitful week:



1. Review the previous week- find out what worked and what didn’t and why



2. Have a heart of gratitude- You must be grateful to God for life, health, wisdom, grace and the gift of a new week, you must also be benevolent.


3. Have a plan for the week- you must know what you intend to achieve in the new week, write it down as it will give you direction.



4. Break down your plans- It’s important to break it down to enable efficient accomplishments. Break it down into goals, objectives, strategies, targets and tasks.



5. Follow your plan to the later- After planning, it’s your responsibility to focus on your plan, execute diligently and refuse to be distracted.



6. Read, think, grow- As you go through your week ensure that you improve yourself by adding value. Expand your horizon, learn as much as you can, seek professional help too and grow.



7. Take care of you- You must find time to take care of you because your body is the vehicle of your purpose. Eat, rest, exercise and remain purposeful.



8. Plan for the new week- As long as you have expectations, you must have a plan to match it. Plan ahead for the coming week. Your plans must be clear and purposeful and without anxiety.



Use these simple keys, apply yourself diligently and unlock your success.



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Accelerate your daily achievements


Every new day offers us fresh opportunities to make a difference and achieve our greatness.

However, the steps we take and principles we follow will always determines the results we achieve.

So today I’ll share with you 3 simple but powerful and critical questions that will guarantee your achievements at all times. You need to ask:

1. What do you really want? – This question gives clarity of desire. Life offers us a variety of choices to make at all times, you must be clear and sure about your preferences.

2. Why do you want it? – This question reveals the purpose of your desire. When purpose is not known abuse becomes inevitable. You must have a good understanding of the reason for your desire.


3. What steps do you take to achieve it? – This question gives precise direction to your desire. You need to take the right steps and have the right plans, strategies, objectives and targets that will help you execute efficiently in order to birth your dreams and turn your ideas to fruition.


So it’s up to you now, to ask these questions, find genuine answers and execute until you win today and always!


Here’s to your success…