Stay Relevant


As I recently watched my little cousin prepare for his entrance exam into secondary school, I was shocked when I saw with him the renowned Ugo C. Ugo’s nationwide common entrance examination preparation book- a phenomenal book I used during my time, over 20 years ago.

As I continued to wonder in amazement, it dawned on me that the content of the book has remained relevant over the years and this is one secret of significant brands globally-  Consistency and Relevance.

The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ which we commemorate in the Easter celebration is another perfect example that showcases significant relevance for over 2000 years.

And as we live and apply ourselves daily, we must stay relevant and consistently deliver value towards the significant advancement of life and humanity.

Enjoy the blessings of the Easter celebration!


Power of collaboration (my experience)


Very recently, a senior friend called to fix a business meeting with me, so I confirmed my availability and as we met, she informed me that she wants us to work together on a particular project.

After all said and done, I was an associate consultant on the project and a part of the team that delivered a high level teamwork and communication training for one of the foremost multinational oil companies in Nigeria.

Collaboration made it possible!

Every great feat is achievable through collaboration, because one is too small a number to achieve greatness.

We must always realize that two or more good heads are better than one and on our journey to greatness; we must be relevant and valuable and seek relevant and valuable collaborations that significantly repositions us for greatness.



Who do you flock with?



A young man, born cripple had certain friends who carried him daily to a gate that had a large influx of people going in and coming out so he could beg for alms and this routine of theirs for a long time changed nothing.

We must be intentional about our relationships and be careful of friends that are committed to seeing us remain the same, friends that make us to fail, to fall and to flutter, friends that add no value to our lives and never think of how we can get better.

We all need true friends like those who helped their paralyzed friend get to Jesus through the roof top, to receive his healing- they were committed to seeing their friend get healed and better.

True friends are rare, they are deeply committed to adding value, they speak the truth at all times, they sharpen each other and refresh each other.

So take an inventory of your relationships and ask your self, who do you flock with?

Feel free to share…

Building an Enduring Brand


A few months ago, I was in the city of Uyo- one of the beautifully emerging cities in Nigeria, to attend a conference organized by one of my mentors and I enjoyed every bit of my stay in that city.

As I rode in a cab around the city center, at this very busy junction, a particular signboard caught my attention and it was an old signboard of one of the defunct banks in Nigeria- Savannah Bank.

As I fixed my glance and gaze on this old and signboard and a few thoughts ran through my mind, it quickly dawned on me that it is indeed easier to destroy a brand than it is to build one and little errors such as the lack of integrity and capacity can erode all the glamour and fame built around a Brand.

If you must build an enduring corporate brand like Coca-cola or personal brand like Mother Theresa or Nelson Mandela, you must be intentional about it and critical issues like Character and Capacity must not be taken for granted.

Are you building or destroying your brand?


Time to Emerge


Everyone alive was created with great potentials. We all came out of the womb empty-handed but richly-gifted.
People who become true leaders are those who discover themselves and their true value and let their greatness emerge as they serve their gifts to humanity. However, these three keys are expedient for your greatness to emerge:
1. Environment- Every seed (and gift) requires the right environment to grow. Toxic environments will kill the seed but fertile environments will enable growth and fruitfulness.

2. Nutrients- Every seed that grows to become a tree with fruits must be fed and cultivated with the right nutrients. If your greatness must emerge, you must be fed with the right nutrients.

3. Time- Every seed duly cultivated requires time to go through the process of emerging into a tree. If your greatness must emerge, you need time to discover yourself, develop yourself and deliver your gifts with diligence to your world.
Now you know the ‘E.N.T’ principle, apply yourself diligently and let your greatness emerge!

The Love-Life


Love is a beautiful thing and undoubtedly one of the most potent forces in the world today, yet it is one of the most misconceived ideas about life.

As simple as it sounds, the effect of genuine Love is everlasting.

Made by Love, marked by Love and kept by Love, when we receive God’s love in our hearts, we are enabled to make our world a better place by sharing His Love and His Life with people around us, making all things bright and beautiful.

Let’s therefore determine to Live, to Love God and to Love our neighbors as ourselves.

Let’s choose the Love-Life!



Transform your world


Everything good we see around us today is a product of creativity.

Now this is not because some people are geniuses, but because they realized that the power to transform the world lies inherent in everyone.

God, in all of His years as Sovereign and Almighty never created chairs and tables, rather He Created trees and put in man the Creativity, Imagination and Ideas in order to turn trees into amazing products that meet needs and adds value.

It is this same realization that has triggered millions of inventions and innovations that have transformed and is still transforming our world.

If you can tap into your inherent abilities and maximize them to meet needs and add value, then you can transform your world!