Never take your life for granted!!!


Life is a precious gift which should never be taken for granted simply because you can effortlessly breathe, sleep, wake, eat and move.

People who do not trivialize life easily recognise opportunities. Since, success is not an accidental gift, only intentional individuals get it!

Most people have missed opportunities, delayed their accomplishments and have buried their dreams because they took life for granted.

If you truly want to be successful and achieve your greatness then you can’t afford to take your life for granted for a second. You must be intentional about living.

Harvest your success


As children, we always looked forward to the last 3-4 months of the year because those were the months during which we celebrated our church’s harvest.

The harvest celebration was very unique, as people came to thank God for a bumper harvest or a successful farming season. They did this by showcasing their various yields.

I’d like to see life as a farm and we as farmers. Our ideas, businesses, and careers are the seeds. In the end, we all look forward to the harvest season. It is important for you to bear the following in mind.

1. Every farmer knows that the harvest season is preceded by the planting season. What have you been planting?

2. Every farmer understands the place of diligence in cultivating his farmland. How have you been cultivating your “farmland”?

3. Every farmer knows that the quality of the harvest is largely determined by the quality of the seed and the cultivation. What is the quality of your work so far?

4. Every farmer understands that after the harvest comes the season to plant again. Have you reserved some seeds to sow again?

These questions should guide you through every season of your life, whether planting or harvesting.

Here or there…


Double-mindedness is a state of uncertainty in which productivity is stalled. Double-mindedness hinders one’s realisation of dreams and achievement of targets.

Double-minded folks are like the waves of a sea that rise and fall within seconds. Such people seldom accomplish anything significant in life because they are unstable, neither here nor there.

Life is programmed not to respond to options. So you must be clear about what you desire and go for it.

Banish your doubts and fears and focus on your goals and dreams. Apply yourself diligently until you reach your greatness.

Make your success sprout


Few months into this year, I planted four coconut seedlings and began to cultivate them, ensuring that they got the care needed for them to do well.

Surprisingly, at the time I expected them to sprout, I observed that only two, out of the four, were sprouting and it seemed as if the remaining two were not going to sprout. I felt as though my efforts were wasted.

I was consoled by the fact that at least two were doing well and rising each day. For the remaining two, I chose to apply the faith principle, believing that they would do well.

Yesterday, I took a look at them and I noticed something sprouting gradually from those two that refused to sprout initially. My heart was filled with overwhelming joy. Then the following dawned on me:

  1. We must never lose sight of our visions, dreams and goals.
  2. Faith is an indispensable factor for success.
  3. Sometimes, our successes truly differ and have their set times.
  4. Success (growth) happens internally before the results are seen externally.
  5. Every due diligence is never a wasted effort.
  6. Even when we’re disappointed, we should never be discouraged.

Cheers to your success!

Make that move


I officially welcome you to the second half of this year.

Just like a football match, the second half is a critical time, and everyone gunning for the win is never casual about the second half.

And so, this is not the time to be casual, but the time to consolidate on the lessons learnt in the previous half.

This is the time to steer clear of distractions and focus on winning. This is the time to make fresh moves for the win. This is the time to apply your winning strategies and take the right steps.

Remember: the fisherman doesn’t succeed by just paddling his boat; he succeeds only when he makes the move of throwing his net into the river for a catch.

Now is the time to make your winning moves and succeed!

Finding hope…


Like an ocean, so wide and deep
With an unending view of waters that cover the sea and the blue sky up above

So is life, full of numerous adventures, events, seasons and activities

There are times when sailing along the ocean of life is fun and beautiful
But there are also those times when life seems to be lonely and disastrous.

When the waters get turbulent,
When the storms and tempests arise and tend to ravage the peace of the voyage,

When it seems like you’re in the middle of nowhere,
All by yourself and the rest of life seems far away from you,

When it seems like your compass has lost its bearing
And you can’t find direction and get yourself to a safe haven

When the brightness of your lamp seems to fade
When your light turns dark and your morning feels like night

You’re left with just two options:
Give in to defeat, fear and hopelessness or
Be courageous, rise with faith and call upon God, the Creator of the universe.

Howbeit, the fearful and hopeless will be consumed by the tempest and are soon forgotten
But the courageous and faith-driven will find Grace, become tough to face the storm and navigate through the tempest.

They will remain alive and become stronger to tell the story of their conquest and they will be celebrated as world heroes who remained tenacious and courageous even in the midst of storms.

Which will you rather be? The fearful or the courageous?

The CAN-DO spirit


One of my favourite quotes from the Holy Bible is found in the letter of Saint Paul to the believers in Philippi, wherein he said, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”.

Growing up as a little boy, I memorized this verse but beyond just memorizing it, I was conditioning my mind for all-round success. Each time I said to myself, “I can do all things”, my mind kept possessing the I-can-do-all-things attitude — an attitude of possibility and success.

Our thoughts and words play a very critical role in determining our success in life. If you think and say you can, then you can. But if you think and say otherwise, you may end up achieving nothing.

Regardless of what’s facing you and regardless of what people say about you, what you think and say is more important.

• They said to David: Goliath is a warrior and a giant, but he (David) said he could do all things, and he eventually conquered the giant and became victorious.

• They said to the Wright brothers: Humans can’t fly, but they (the Wrights) said they could do all things, and they went ahead to invent the aeroplane.

• They said to Barak Obama: You’re but a Negro, but he (Obama) said that he could do all things, and he went ahead to become the first black president of America.

There are no impossibilities anywhere except the ones we create in our minds.

No more limitations!


Take action and succeed.