Success with no limits



I recently took a walk around my vicinity, observing how the leaves of a particular tree were littered all over the place. I then also discovered that the leaves had undergone discolouration; they were dry. That was a subtle reminder to me that we are now experiencing the harmattan season.

In as much as it is a common feature of this season that trees lose their leaves and productivity because of the lack of moisture in the soil, among other factors, wise farmers have learnt to utilize the irrigation system to water their soil and ensure the productivity of their farms, regardless of the season.

Just like a tree that is planted by the riverside, which yields its fruits in all seasons, you too need to have a system in place that guarantees success for you, with no limits.

So, what’s your plan for growth and success in this season and the seasons ahead?

Do you have a success system?



From ideas to prosperity!!!


As we listened to our facilitator during one of our training sessions, my friend who sat beside me exclaimed, “I got it, I got it, I got it”, signaling that he had just received a brilliant idea. Then I quickly remembered the popular “Eureka” story.

Days and weeks and months and years have come and gone, but my friend seldom remembers that he once had that great and brilliant idea. This is, sadly, the case with many people today.

Take some time out to think of all the golden ideas you received since the year began and imagine the outstanding results you would have birthed only if you acted on those ideas and moved them from the intangible realm to the tangible.

Ideas are dream seeds that you can sow, cultivate and harvest when the time ripens. We, therefore, must be intentional with the ideas we receive because each time we fail to act on our ideas, we waste our opportunities to be prosperous.

Think differently


Many years ago, people journeyed from one place to another on horses, camels, and donkeys, but the advent of automobiles revolutionized the world of transportation.

Many years ago, people used the abacus system for calculations and learning, but the invention of computers revolutionized the world of learning.

All these were possible because individuals decided to think differently; hence, they found new ways of doing old things and a vast spectrum of discoveries and possibilities.

If you will choose to think differently and find new ways of doing old things, you too can birth innovations without limits.


Will you think differently?

Grow and be the best!


People who sacrifice innovation on the altar of tradition, cherish the past more than the future, and celebrate weakness more than strength, will definitely stop growing without realizing it, as you don’t necessarily have to move backwards for the world to leave you behind. All you need to do is to stop moving.


Moreover, as you choose to settle for the average instead of the best, and celebrate the ordinary instead of the extraordinary, you will surely clip your growth.


It is up to you.


Never get comfortable with your last achievement.


Choose to grow your mind.


Choose to innovate.


Choose to be the best!


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About growth and success


Sam Obafemi, one of Nigeria’s leading business coaches, recently said that businesses are not meant to succeed but to grow. As I pondered on this standpoint, its truth dawned on me, and I realised that it is also applicable to life in general.


Humans are not designed to succeed but to grow. Hence, your success is in your growth. If this is true, it means that you need to be intentional about your growth, especially because while growing old is automatic, growing up isn’t. So don’t just go through the motions of your daily activities, but consciously commit yourself to daily growth.


It is your responsibility to consistently grow yourself physically, spiritually, intellectually and socially, until the seed of success within you germinates to fruition.

Bury your excuses!!!


“Excuses are good reasons for bad results”. This profound statement by Fela Durotoye, one of my mentors, changed my life.


In life, there are 2 kinds of people: those who are full of excuses and those who are known for getting results. The first is made up of individuals who have seemingly nice reasons why they can’t succeed, achieve, and become all they were created to be; while the second set consists of individuals who parade amazing results because they have refused to accept any excuses that will keep them from birthing their greatness.


If you must get the incredible, you must do the impossible! The world is ruled by amazing people who have become blind and deaf to their excuses and have risen to phenomenal heights.


Excuses will always abound, but you can choose to bury your excuses, diligently rise above the average, dare the lion, face your giants and achieve your greatness.


No more limits…


No more excuses…


Rise and soar!


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Very recently, I read a news from one of my favorite news websites about a man who has achieved a great feat and it’s worth sharing.


Mohammed Abubakar joined the aviation industry in Nigeria some 24 years ago as an aircraft cleaner but that wasn’t his final destination because he had a dream…


He obviously couldn’t afford his luxurious dream at the time, but he chose to be relentless in his pursuit towards his dream.


He obviously would have had the roughest of times working as a cleaner but he chose not to throw away his tomorrow over the frustrations of yesterday.


He kept his dream alive


He kept his passion burning


He kept his hands diligent and kept taking those little steps of faith towards his greatness.


And after 24 years, he rose from obscurity to significance as he watched his dream come true, from an aircraft cleaner to a qualified pilot!


Today he is wears a captain’s badge and carries out flight operations for one of the famous airlines in Nigeria.


As you read his story and admire his accomplishments, you must realize that “pursuit is the proof of desire”, so never let the pains of the past or present stifle the hope of the future.


Dreams come true!


You must be and remain R E L E N T L E S S in your pursuit until you watch your dream become reality.


Feel free to share…