A new page for your success


Each new day offers us fresh opportunities to make necessary changes, re-write the stories of our lives, dot our i’s and cross our t’s.

A new day offers us a new chance to mend faulty areas, strengthen relevant bonds and break up irrelevant ties.

A new day gives us the privilege and courage to rise from our falls, start afresh, review our goals, restrategize, make better moves and hit our targets.

A new day gives us the opportunity to unlearn, re-learn, grow, apply ourselves diligently and become better versions of ourselves.

While we have a new day, we must realize that nothing moves until it is moved. So, you must resolve to take responsibility for your life and maximize this new day to be the best you can be and achieve your greatness.

Have a beautiful day!


Make your success sprout


Few months into this year, I planted four coconut seedlings and began to cultivate them, ensuring that they got the care needed for them to do well.

Surprisingly, at the time I expected them to sprout, I observed that only two, out of the four, were sprouting and it seemed as if the remaining two were not going to sprout. I felt as though my efforts were wasted.

I was consoled by the fact that at least two were doing well and rising each day. For the remaining two, I chose to apply the faith principle, believing that they would do well.

Yesterday, I took a look at them and I noticed something sprouting gradually from those two that refused to sprout initially. My heart was filled with overwhelming joy. Then the following dawned on me:

  1. We must never lose sight of our visions, dreams and goals.
  2. Faith is an indispensable factor for success.
  3. Sometimes, our successes truly differ and have their set times.
  4. Success (growth) happens internally before the results are seen externally.
  5. Every due diligence is never a wasted effort.
  6. Even when we’re disappointed, we should never be discouraged.

Cheers to your success!

Unleash your genius


One explicit truth about life is that everyone was born naked but loaded with several abilities.

It is, however, amazing how most people believe that they were born naked but have difficulties accepting and believing the latter.

Those who accept and believe only in their nakedness see limitations and impossibilities, while those who accept and believe in their loaded capacity see the unseen: they see timeless solutions and possibilities.

So, the few who accept and believe they’re loaded with potentials, gifts, talents and strengths have risen above the unbelieving multitude.

They have risen to unearth their potentials and unveil their gifts.

They have risen with determination to make a difference in their world. No wonder multitudes cheer and celebrate the genius of a few brave and courageous folks who have chosen to be intentional about achieving success instead of remaining a part of the wandering generality.

You too can rise, unearth your genius, unleash your greatness and make a difference.

It’s up to you!

Dream • Create • Succeed


Everyone created by God was given creative abilities at birth and one purpose for this is simply to provide timeless solutions to the every increasing problems of mankind and his environment.

So, recently I bumped into the picture above and it’s a show of creativity, where some young folks in Lagos Nigeria are making use of not-in-use buses to set up a fast food centers and I must say this is a lovely concept.

They have shown that creativity is not complex but the ability to make use of resources available to turn dreams and ideas into unique solutions that meet needs and solve problems around you.

When we truly begin to explore our creative prowess, we would discover that nothing is impossible and that no resource is a waste, as everything can be revamped and creatively recycled to meet needs and solve problems in our world.

Its up to you.

Choose to create!

Born to be great


There is one common path which everyone must tread; that is the experience of childhood — so amazing and memorable!

For some people, it is filled with pleasant memories but for others, it lacks the pleasantness experienced by the former. Whatever be your experiences, one thing is certain: every child was born with the potentials of greatness.

As we celebrate children all over the world, let us commit to the wholesome growth of every child around us and help them come into the truth of their existence.

Let them come into their purpose and destiny and give their lives a significant meaning.

Let us be to them role models worthy of emulation.

Let us help them find wisdom that propels them for exploits.

Let us teach them values and the culture of greatness that will mould them to become builders and not destroyers.

Let us help them find hope, love, and faith that make all things possible.

Truly, children are gifts from God Almighty to our families, communities, and nation.

Every child was born to be great and deserves the very best.

Let us give them our best!

Happy children’s day to every child. Live your purpose!

The success ecosystem


Without doubt, one of the greatest influences over a person is his/her environment. Everyone was born into a certain environment and requires a certain environment for sustenance. Our life’s results can also be traced to our previous or current environment.

Your environment is so critical to your success or failure; that’s why everything, both good and bad requires a certain environment to manifest.

Your environment determines your experiences, mindset, philosophy, attitude, capacity, and boundary. Therefore, you need to verify how toxic or safe your environment is, as your success depends on it.

While many people have become well-placed because of their safe environment, others have become victims of toxic environments, and this accounts for their stagnation or lack of success.

However, breaking away from toxic environments is possible. You must identify and cling to safe and conducive environments that support your growth, nourish your potentials, and birth your success.

#FromToxicToSafe #FromWeaknessToStrength #FromOldToNew #FromFailureToSuccess

N/B: If you need help to switch from a toxic to safe environment, kindly send an SMS to the Hopeline: 08032242515

From desire to success: how to birth your dreams


Many people desire to succeed in all they do. This desire is not wrong, but by the desire alone, you cannot become successful, since success is not accidental.

So, beyond the Desire for success, there must be a Decision to succeed and after the decision, there must be a Determination and after the determination, there must be a Doing that creates the processes that make success possible.

Here’s how it works:
 Desire creates the aspirations
 Decision gives a clear resolve
 Determination brings about the attitude
 Doing births achievements and amazing results.

So accept no excuses. Refuse to procrastinate. You too can succeed!